Get To Know Everything About Motorized Curtains

When it comes to making your home smart, motorized curtains are the ultimate window covering option that can offer you an exclusive range of benefits. With these window solutions, you don’t have to get worried about manually controlling them. Here in this guide, we’ve put together some important information about motorized curtains including how they work, what is their cost, what are the types of power sources, how long these window coverings last, and if they are worth it. So, let’s get started.

How Do Motorized Curtains Work?

You can simply operate these window coverings using a single touch of a button. A tube is installed on top of the curtain that is connected to a battery or any other power source. While so many power mechanisms are there, the battery wand with a battery tube is the most common type.

Pros Of Motorized Window Coverings

  • Make Your Life Convenient

Motorized curtains can be the best window treatment option as they significantly reduce the time and effort in operating your windows. In addition, they don’t require your presence in the same room to operate the curtains.

  • Provide Safety To Your Kids

The best part of motorized curtains is that they eliminate accidents from dangling cords and spools. Most of the time while playing, your children get entangled and the cords are pulled down causing injuries to your little ones.  With motorized curtains, nothing should have happened like this as they come without cords.

  • Provide Extreme Security Levels To Your Home

Surprisingly, these window coverings can be controlled automatically at any time, even in your absence. This is the best way to make your home look occupied and discourage burglars and intruders from trying to enter your home.

  • Create a Seamless, Neat Interior

As we have discussed earlier that motorized curtains do not come with cords. This will help create a neat and seamless interior in addition to preventing your kids from accidents.

  • Come In A Wide Range of Options

You’ll be surprised to see a huge range of design options available in the market for motorized curtains. From battery-operated to solar-powered, surely there’s every model available to suit best your needs.

How Are Motorized Curtains Powered?

All motorized curtains are powered through three power sources: solar power, battery-powered or your DC, and plug-in options. The latter option is more convenient for homes with large or lots of windows as it saves you the trouble of charging or replacing the batteries. Plug-in motorized curtains can be easily drained due to the huge amount of electricity needed.

Battery-powered motorized curtains are other good options. The most commonly used batteries are lithium and alkaline.

If you want to save on energy costs, solar-power motorized curtains could be the best option. Instead of electricity or other power options, they only need the maximum amount of sunlight to get charged.

Are Motorized Curtains Worth It?

For those who seek safety, convenience, and aesthetic appeal, motorized curtains, without a doubt, are a worthy investment. Quality-made motorized curtains can last a lifetime with so many benefits. So, why not think to make your home smarter with these smart window solutions?

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