Give Your Room A Fresh Look With 4 Door Wardrobes

A wardrobe is an essential piece of furniture in every bedroom. It is where you store and organize your different outfits, clothes, and accessories. If you share your bedroom with your partner you are more likely to require a larger wardrobe than the usual two-door wooden almirah with a mirror. The key to picking out the perfect wardrobe for your room is making sure that it is functional and aesthetic at the same time.

Tips To Buy The Perfect 4-Door Wooden Wardrobe

Before you head out to buy a new wardrobe ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I need more space for hanging clothes?
  • Do I need drawers in my wardrobe?
  • Do I need a tall wardrobe?
  • Does the wardrobe require a mirror?

Answering these questions will help you form an idea of the wardrobe that you are looking for. Wardrobes come in all shapes and sizes. Several top wardrobe manufacturers like Wakefit offer top-quality 4 door wardrobes that are affordable as well. With the dimensions listed out clearly on their website, you won’t have too much trouble figuring out whether you have enough space for it in your bedroom.

The ultimate question that everyone asks themselves when they get ready to buy a new wardrobe is how big can I go? Well, the answer to this question primarily depends on the space available in your bedroom as well as the depth of your wallet. If you are a fashion horse or love having different outfit choices at your fingertips, a 4 door wardrobe seems to be the obvious choice. This kind of wardrobe offers plenty of hanging space, drawers, open shelves as well as floor space for storage. If you are sharing your wardrobe with your better half, it makes sense in investing in a 4 door wardrobe rather than having to fight over shelf space or hanging space.

While the depth of most wardrobes is between 35cm to 45cm, it may differ according to different wardrobe manufacturers. However, you can also have customized wardrobes built to suit the space available in your room. Some people’s floor-to-ceiling wardrobes are built to use up more vertical space than floor space.

Give Your Bedroom A Makeover

Since the wardrobe is going to take up a lot of space in your bedroom, it is a good idea to choose a style that blends in with the décor rather than sticks out like a sore thumb. This will create an illusion of more space and also help balance the white space in the room with the remaining pieces of furniture. To create a clean look, a wardrobe with a shade that matched your bedroom décor would be ideal. According to experienced interior designers, it is crucial to have your wardrobe and bedroom complement one another to create visual harmony.

4 Door Wardrobes With Sliding Doors

A 4 door wardrobe design with sliding doors has become a favourite for many homeowners in recent times. It means that you do not have to worry about whether the doors can swing open if you are a bit short on space. Sliding doors also create a more chic and sleek look that is preferred by millennials today. The sliding doors available today have their grooves in the ceiling of the wardrobe, preventing dust from collecting, which used to be a problem until a few years back. A 4-door wardrobe with sliding doors is a beautiful addition to a large bedroom.

Mirror Door Or Not?

Adding a mirror to one of the wardrobe doors improves the functionality and aesthetics of your wardrobe. In fact, adding mirrors to a room is a sure-shot way of making it appear larger. Additionally, a full-length mirror on one of your wardrobe doors can come in handy while you are getting ready and need to check out your outfit. Mirrors also reflect light adding more natural light to your room. Adding a mirror to your wardrobe is a great way to take advantage of what nature offers for free and multiply it!

Once you have decided to opt for a mirror wardrobe, the next question is which door should the mirror go on and whether you want to opt for a complete mirror wardrobe look. For example, If you have a four-door wardrobe, you can opt to have mirrors on the two middle doors or have mirrors on alternate doors at each end. Mirrors wardrobes are also a lot more durable than regular wardrobe doors as it is scratch proof and more reliable.

Organizing A Four-Door Wardrobe

After you get a four-door wooden cupboard for the bedroom, the next step is to ensure that you organize and store your clothes and outfits neatly. This will prevent your wardrobe from turning into a mess. Many people make the mistake of assuming that a four-door wardrobe offers plenty of space and will never get overfilled. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Any wardrobe regardless of how big it is will start bursting at the seams if you are not careful about how you store your things in it. A great way to prevent this from happening is by using plenty of storage baskets for different categories of things. This makes it easier to access and also appears neat and organized. You also need to use your hanging space in a more thoughtful way. Experts recommend hanging your clothes according to different categories in increasing order of the length of the clothes. You will never have to spend staring at your wardrobe trying to find the clothes you want to wear for a special night out.

A four-door wardrobe can transform your bedroom instantly. It will offer you plenty of storage space and also add beauty and charm to your room at the same time. If you have opted for mirror doors you will also get to enjoy all the natural light in your bedroom reflected by the mirrors. It is time to alter your bedroom with a new wardrobe and also store all your clothes without a worry about needing space.

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