How to Clean Your Vinyl Siding

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If you’ve got vinyl siding on your house (and in the U.S., about 30% of homes do), you know it sometimes gets dirty from dirt, pollen, and other pollutants.

So let’s clean it up!

Siding is very easy to clean and only needs a gentle hand to get it back to new again. Mold and mildew mean a little extra work, but not much. Follow these tips, and your home in Sarasota will be sparkling clean in no time.

Inspect the Area

Before getting to work, take a good look at the condition of your siding. Evaluate for any cracks, peeling or loose parts. If you see any concerns, be very gentle around those areas. Additionally, be careful not to direct any water up underneath the siding or towards windows or doors while cleaning.

If there are shrubs or landscaping underneath your siding, cover them with a sheet to protect them from cleaning chemicals. You want your lovely Sarasota plants to stay looking nice!

Gather Your Cleaning Supplies

Necessary cleaning supplies include a cloth or soft brush, an extendable pole for your brush (for second levels), bucket, soap, and water hose. You can remove superficial dirt with just water and grease or bird droppings with a mix of liquid dishwashing soap and water.

If you have mildew or mold, you can use a solution of 30% vinegar and 70% water. Heavier grime may need a more potent combination of ⅓ cup powdered laundry detergent, ⅔ cup powdered household cleaner, 1-quart liquid laundry bleach, and 1-gallon water.

Wash the Right Way

Ok, now that you’re ready to begin, focus on one vertical area at a time. Wash from the bottom to the top, so water will effectively wash off debris while you’re cleaning. Be sure to rinse thoroughly and move your sheet to protect landscaping as you go around the house.

It’s best to wash on a sunny day that’s not too windy. Otherwise, dirt and debris may blow on your siding and get stuck while the area is drying. Thankfully, Sarasota gets many days of beautiful sunshine.

Use Power Washers Carefully

Power washers can be very helpful to quickly clean your siding, as well as remove stains like mildew. But the tools can’t be used on all types of siding. Always refer to your manufacturer’s instructions before cleaning your siding.

If you have the greenlight, be sure to aim the nozzle at eye level and never upwards to risk getting water underneath the siding. Be sure to use it at the lowest setting possible to remove grime gently.

Try to clean your siding every 6-12 months. Then the job won’t be too tricky, and your home in Sarasota will always stay looking clean and presentable. But remember these easy instructions, and your cleaning job will go smoothly and successfully.

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