How To Decorate In The Minimalist Style And Decorating Tips

Minimalist Style and Décor Ideas

First of all, we have to define what is known as the minimalist style house (บ้าน สไตล์ มิ นิ มอ which is the term in Thai). And it is that minimalism (minimism) is an artistic trend and current that refers to a maxim from interior design, which is none other than decorating with the fewest possible and essential elements to gain functionality. , sobriety and in space.

Tips For Minimalist Decoration

1.- Before starting to decorate, a common practice of architecture professionals is first to do a self-knowledge review, asking themselves three key points:

For what purpose and purpose is the space that I will decorate used, and what activities will be carried out.

How are we going to enjoy that space, what usual activities are we going to practice?

How many people will participate in that space? If the whole family will be there if it is a room only to sleep if it is a work area. Etc.

Before starting to design the interior of the house with minimalism, it is very convenient to make a small sketch or diagram of the rooms (If possible, with measurements) and go looking and adding what we need, first the main thing and its arrangement (Example; type of floor, bathroom furniture or the dining room sofa), and later the less essential elements.

2.- There is a bad belief that everything we usually buy is cheaper than what is made to measure. In reality, it is not always this way, so before launching to buy minimalist furniture or objects like crazy, ask and a lot, we may save a few euros, whatever the final option we make.

3.- If you want to decorate a house, a good idea would be to start from the living room and work your way up to the rest of the rooms (See article on tips on how to decorate dining rooms). Keep in mind that the living room is the place where you spend the most time and, therefore, it is the one where you need to pay the most attention.

4.- In any room, it is necessary to try by all means to eliminate those elements that only serve as ornamentation. Space is vital and must be gained in every corner of it. Sobriety, order, and highlighting the architectural details are the essential tips for a good interior design in the less is more trend.

5.- In modern minimalist kitchens, aesthetics must be prioritized and merged with functionality. Spacious, clean object spaces, with light colors, preferably white and its shades in furniture and cabinets, and without ornamentation. We also recommend the following articles:

Modern Kitchen Design

A good piece of advice for kitchens, in the case of stools or chairs in the kitchen, it is better to use raw materials in front of the sight, such as wood or steel and if possible, without backs. They are tips that optimize the space by increasing the functionality and purpose of cooking.

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