How To Fix A Shower And A Tub

There are different ways of fixing a shower and tubs by plumbing repairs which are:

  • Replacing a tub spout
  • Repair of a ball valve for the bath or shower
  • Cartridge valves for shower and tub
  • Repair of a shower and tub valve
  • Inverters for bath or shower

Replacing A Tub Spout

Insert the handle of a hammer or a suitable lever into the mouthpiece opening and turn counterclockwise. Apply lubricant or pipe tape and screw the spout clockwise.

Note: Take care not to mar the chrome finish of the spout. When it comes to plastic nozzles, take care not to apply excessive pressure: you may crack the nozzle.

Repair Of A Ball Valve For The Bath Or Shower

Close the water supply valves and open both faucets’ handles to drain the lines. For lever handles, locate the retaining set screw, loosen it, and carefully remove the rod’s handle.

Using pliers, unscrew the handle counterclockwise. Remove the cam assembly and ball. Then use a sharp object to remove the seats and springs. Make sure to check for signs of wear and tear and try replacing them immediately. When reinstalling, verify that the ball slot slides into the valve body stem and that the cam assembly notch slides into the valve body slot. Screw the cap clockwise and reinstall the handle. Turn the water on and make sure that there are no leaks in it. Tighten the cap further if there is a leak.

Cartridge Valves For Shower And Tub

Shut off the water supply and open the faucet to drain the lines. Separate the handle from the screw and cap. Remove the handle and the badge. Use pliers to remove the stop ring and remove the cartridge from the faucet body. Do not forget to note the ears’ position on the cartridge to position them correctly during installation. Remove the O-rings and cartridge if there are any signs of wear and tear.

Repair Of A Shower And Tub Valve

Close the water supply valves and open the faucet handles to drain the lines. Remove the screws that hold the knobs to the rods and remove the knobs using a faucet handle puller if the handle is rusted. Tape the flange and, using pliers, turn it counterclockwise to remove it. After removing the flange and the nipple, you can remove the rod and the cap. Remove the gasket from the inside of the bonnet and replace it. Using a faucet seat wrench, remove and replace the faucet seat. If the valve does not have a removable seat, you can resurface the seat using a lapping tool. Replace the sprinkler valve washer at the bottom of the stem if it is worn or damaged. Turn the procedure to put back the valve. Put the water on and make sure there are no leakages.

Inverters For Bath Or Shower

Close the water supply valves and open the faucet handles and the diverter lever to drain the lines. A diverter works just like a faucet. When you turn the stem diverter’s handle, the stem moves into the valve seal and redirects water to the showerhead. To remove a stem diverter, adhere to the procedures of the valve. For ball valves, follow the ball valve instructions and check the gaskets, springs, seats, and ball for wear or damaged signs.

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