Office tables are an integral part of the work place

An office table is an important part of office furniture. It is a desk that has a flat-top and more than one leg. Office tables are used in offices, schools, hospitals, etc. Office tables can also be used for home offices. An office table also has drawers that are used for housing working equipment. It provides enough space for writing, reading, placing computers, etc. The office table is usually made of wood. But there are other types of also which can be used instead of wooden tables like metallic, glass, plastic, etc. Office table [โต๊ะ สำนักงาน, which is the term in Thai] can be fixed in the wall as well as movable depending upon the requirement of the organization.

Types of office table

  • Floating table: This type of table is fixed to the walls and helps to keep the floor space clutter-free. Hence, this type of desks does not consume a lot of space. It is suitable for small offices.
  • Corner Table: Corner desks also are used in small offices. It only uses a part of the area in the corner while keeping the main area free for other use.
  • Roll-top table: It is one of the ancient styles of office table and is also used in current times. It has a working desk behind a rolled lid. It also consists of multiple drawers for easy functionality.

Different types of office table material

  • Laminate: Laminate office table may look like a wooden office table. This is an ideal choice for offices that have high traffic as they do not dent easily.
  • Solid wood: This is desks are made with solid wood and hence are the highest quality of office table. Tables made with solid wood is very heavy and can cost you huge bucks.
  • Metal: Metal tables are made with a combination of wood and metal. The surface of the table is made of wood with metal framework and legs.

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