Thought of buying those smart door locks from spy films?

Has it ever amazed you how door locks and door security systems been represented in spy films? Like door locks that only opens once it scans your retina, or like by reading your thumb impression. Well, of it has amazed you then the fact that these types of door locks actually exist should also amaze you. Digital door ( ประตู digital, which is the term in Thai)  as the manufacturer termed it is some high quality door locks developed in such a way so that it cannot be cracked by ordinary thieves or Intruders. Now these digital door locks are also available for you to install at your home in case you are in Thailand.

Why is unicor the best manufacturer of smart door locks?

Unicor one of the largest exporter and manufacturer of digital door locks in the world have launched their new designs of door locks in Thailand. Digital door lock ( ประตู digital door lock, which is the term in Thai)  from unicor comes with high-quality sensors. Fir example there are fingerprint reading sensors present on the lock. Then there are also password enabling programs. Not only that now you can actually connect your mobile phones with the door lock system and in that way you get different types of notification based on different situations. Like in case wrong password is entered in the system. Or like if the door remains open for a long time. Or even in situations like fire. The new lock systems from unicor has fire detection sensors so in case the temperature of the surrounding goes over 65 degrees they automatically notify the owners

Buy smart door locks from Unicor in Thailand

So with the new digital door lock system you can very easily provide an extra layer of security at your home. These door locks run on battery system so they will function even during a power cut. And they are brought to Thailand by unicor which makes them cheaper than other market counterparts. So if you are interested in getting the best quality digital door lock then make sure you have a visit to the official website of unicor.

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