Three Compelling Reasons to Hire a Salt Lake City Moving Company

The school year is over and many families across the Salt Lake City area are packing up and moving into new homes. This means hours of assembling cardboard boxes, packing belongings, and taping them up. And don’t forget the back-straining labor of carrying all of those boxes out to the truck and then into your new house. There’s also the hassle of choosing between renting a truck or a pod. While a truck may be cheaper, it comes with the stress of trying to drive it, and even more difficult, to park it. Luckily, there’s another way to pack up your Salt Lake City home. Here are three compelling reasons to hire a moving company:

It will save you so much time

Moving is more than just packing and loading boxes. You have to change your address with your bank, doctor’s office, and a whole host of other places. You need to set up mail-forwarding. You’ll need to set up your utilities and move your subscriptions. You’ll also spend way more time than you’d like to admit figuring out where everything is going to go in your new house. Let’s face it, you don’t have the time for all of the packing and moving when you have so much else to worry about. Let a moving company take at least one thing off of your plate.

It will reduce stress and anxiety

Along with saving time, hiring a moving company will save you a lot of stress. Mental health experts consider moving a major stressful life event alongside things like divorce and the loss of a loved one. It can cause a lot of anxiety and requires plenty of adjustment. Anything you can do to reduce your stress is going to help you make the most of your move. And just imagine how much less stressed you would feel if you knew that all of your things would be carefully packed and transported by a team of professionals, without you even needing to lift a finger.

It can actually save you money

The main reason people forgo hiring a moving company is fear of the costs. While it may seem expensive upfront, you need to realize that the price you pay for a moving company is all-encompassing. If you choose to move yourself, the costs may come in separately, but they do add up. You’ll need to rent the truck, pay for the gas, purchase packing material, and rent or buy moving equipment. And then there’s the cost for the pizza you’re inevitably going to buy for your friends who you call last-minute to help you when it all becomes too much. When you hire a moving company, you get everything you need for one price and it may even be less than you’d spend moving yourself.

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Post Author: Sage King

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