Use Top Quality Entrance Mats to Enhance Brand Image and Promote Safety

One of the worst things that can damage your brand image is the dangerously worn-out entrance mats at the doorway of your high-end office lobby. Entrance mats create the first impression of your business on the visitors and customers who enter your premises. It is an important part of your office or building interiors.

When taking into account different aspects of your business operations and management, business owners need to ensure that the work environment is safe and lively. This will enhance the productivity of your employees. This will also make sure that customers and visitors coming in are served at their utmost satisfaction. 

Using good quality commercial floor mats wherever needed shows how concerned you are about the safety of your employees as well as customers. This in turn will not only help you get more customers, but also gain their trust. You’ll have more loyal employees and customers. Although it may seem like a small or unimportant part of any business operations, it does more than just welcoming those entering your premises. 

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Commercial Matting Products

There are different kinds of mats that you can use for your premises. Some of these are briefly mentioned here:

Logo Entrance Mats

Businesses can choose to customize their floor mats using the company logo. It is the best and low-cost marketing strategy that businesses can use. Customers will easily recognize your brand with logo mats at your door. These mats are available in different materials such as rubber, vinyl, carpet, and polypropylene. Out of these, carpet mats are a good option for indoors to preserve the quality of your floor. 

Recessed Mats

These mats are installed in places that receive heavy traffic. Recessed mats allow the debris, dust, and dirt to fall or drop into the recess. This matting system is made of steel, aluminum, and acrylic/ carpet. There are two kinds of entrance systems, ordinary matting, and recessed grill mats. 

Anti-Static Mats

These are also popular as static dissipative matting systems. They help in preventing electrical shock or discharge. In other words, it eliminates static electricity. A conductive material is used to accumulate the static. 

It is highly recommended when using sensitive equipment that can easily transmit electricity from the machines. It helps to keep your workers safe at all times. Accidents can happen without prior notice and thus, it is better to use the anti-static mats and make the environment safe. 

To wrap it up, custom logo mats or carpets are a pleasant way to welcome customers and visitors who arrive at your business establishment or office. Your customer will feel important and improve their experience. 

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