Where to Buy Discount Locksets on Sale?

Choosing the right lockset can be a difficult decision sometimes. It is even more difficult to choose when the door in question is of your commercial space. Whether it is an office, a store, a shop, a restaurant or a warehouse, you are going to need highly secure and durable locksets. However, having a commercial space, especially if it is a startup, means you have already spent a good chunk of your money in it. In such a situation, it is always beneficial to save up some money wherever you can. The best way to do so is to look for discount deals.

If you are looking for discount deals on locksets, then Park Avenue commercial door locks are your best shot. They have incredible discount deals on commercial doors. You can get all varieties of cylindrical locksets on sale.

The range of commercial locksets available at Park Avenue is:

  • Cylindrical Locksets/ Lever Locks
  • Mortise Locksets
  • Deadbolts
  • Push-Pull Latch Sets

They have a variety of different commercial locksets for sale, from the top-rated lockset brands. You can avail Grade 1, Grade 2 commercial locksets in accordance to your preference and needs. Now let’s get right into what Park Avenue door locks has to offer!

1.  Mortise Lock

The lock that requires a mortise, pocket, cut inside the door is known as a mortise lock. The hole that it goes into is the place where the lock is fitted. It is one of the most common commercial doors locks out there. It mainly consists of the lock body, the lock trim, a strike plate and a keyed cylinder. You can choose from a variety of lock trims from Park Avenue commercial door locks.

1.  Cylindrical Lock

A cylindrical lock is fitted through the door. It has a lever or knob on both sides of the door which enables the latch to be retracted when depressed or turned. A cylindrical lock has a very easy and fast installation process. If you are looking for cylindrical locksets for sale, refer to Park Avenue Commercial door locks for amazing discounts.


1.  Latches

Latches mainly incorporate spring-loaded latches for operation. These types of locks are quite common in commercial spaces, especially for fire doors and hospital doors. They also come in a variety of options which you can choose from based on your need.

1.  Deadbolts

The main way to operate deadbolts locks is through a key. They are usually crafted out of bronze, brass or steel. Deadbolts also have to be installed deeper into the frame of the door compared to other locksets. They are also heavier and thicker than spring latches, thereby offering higher durability and security for commercial doors.

 To Conclude

Making the right choice when deciding the safest locksets for your commercial space is extremely important. To save some money while fulfilling the safety condition is a win-win situation. Cylindrical locksets for sale at Park Avenue Commercial door locks is a testament to their commitment of providing the best locksets to customers meanwhile not being a burden on their pockets.

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