3 New Mobile Toolbox Designs Worth the Upgrade

Mobile toolboxes have come a long way from the small rusty ones the older generations carried around. New designs are built from lighter, more durable materials. They have organization in mind and can carry more tools. Different types of wheels and handles make moving large toolboxes easier. They even come in a variety of colors.

It’s important to think about what type of projects a toolbox will be used for when browsing different styles. Some toolboxes have large compartments which are better for transporting electrical tools. Others have adjustable compartments that house small screws and staples. The key is finding a toolbox that will easily hold everything needed, without becoming a disorganized pit of metal.

Rolling Toolbox

Rolling toolboxes look like a couple of crates stacked on top of each other on a hand truck. However, they are much more sophisticated than that.  These mobile workshops have sturdy tool box wheels and a telescoping handle. They are easy to move despite all the storage options they provide.

The modular design allows it to be customized for each job. For small jobs, the top box can be removed and carried around alone. If it is a big job, then all the boxes can be filled and locked into place for easy transportation. Within each box, multiple compartments aid in organization. Some toolboxes include plastic removable trays that can be taken out as needed.

Suitcase Style Toolbox

Suitcase style toolboxes are perfect for small jobs that require small hardware. These have the shape of a briefcase and come with a convenient shoulder strap. Most suitcase boxes are made from aluminum, making them lightweight and rustproof. Inside, the segmented walls organize small hardware and are customizable for whatever size compartments are needed. The inside lid often has sleeves to slide hammers, screwdrivers or other handheld tools.

Mobile Chest

Mobile chest toolboxes look like storage containers on wheels. They are ideal for transporting larger tools, like saws and drills. The locking latches and piano hinge make it safe to leave in the truck. A padlock can also be added for extra security. As a bonus, these cases are usually waterproof.

Mobile chests are large and are not as mobile as the above options. Most come with padded handles and two wheels. They can be moved around similarly to a rolling cooler. The top is nice and flat, which makes it easy to use as an extra work surface.

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