3 Types of Wood Decking to Choose From

Hardwood vs Composite Decking: 5 Reasons to Choose Wood

Outdoor decking is becoming more and more popular these days, with HDB apartments and private homes adding patio and balcony spaces. It is important to spend well in a solid outdoor decking material, to get a comfortable and stylish space where you would like to lounge in – whenever you like. Know about the top 3 types of wood Decking Hobart that you can choose from.

Hard Wood Decking

This can be a great option for all those who are able to spend generously, to have the best kind of Decking Hobart space. Although hard wood needs some amount of treatment, it can last for more time as compared to other soft wood varieties – such as pine. It is costly in form, and often has to be imported from other places due to restrictions imposed on felling down hard wood trees in the country.

Preserved Soft Wood Decking

Decking Hobartcan last for many years, when made out of pressure-treated pine, and when the surface is cared for well enough. However, even such type of decking can get warped irrespective of how frequently a preserved pine deck is subjected to treatment.

Wood that is received from older pine trees are less prone to getting bent and distorted, instead of wood that is obtained from trees that are younger. No matter how old the wood is, it can still get warped upon exposure to general wear and tear, rain and high heat. In tropical areas, where weather is generally damp and warm, Preserved Wood Decking Hobartis not so popular. In case there is a need to uncover the deck, wooden decking might be inappropriate.

Timber Hybrid Decks

Often, for making timber decking, the use of Wood composite is observed. It is actually a blend of plastic and wood fiber. This kind of material is becoming more and more popular, given that it can last for a long time and comes with a texture just like actual wood. This material has a synthetic element, due to which it does not soak any moisture and can be cleaned up with ease.

This material is attractive to look at, and should not get split or warped. Although timber composite decking is much more expensive as compared to pressure-treated wood, investing on it is worthwhile. Decks made of Timber composite materials are more durable as compared to timber. If you can afford wood composite Decking Hobart material, this can be a fantastic option for you to make a great outdoor decking area.

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