Advantages and disadvantages of PVC flooring

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) tiles are commonly used floor layers made of polyvinyl chloride. Because the size of the tile is small, usually 150 mm, 225 mm and 305 mm, any damage can be repaired immediately by replacing individual tiles (for several spare parts placed).

Tiles are made from a combination of PVC and fiber, forming thin tiles that are quite stiff. PVC flooring tiles suffer from several problems. The gloss used on the adhesive tile sometimes gives way, allowing the edges to be removed and the foot to be broken by traffic.

The surface is tired, has difficulty cleaning on time, and loses a layer of color pattern. Finally, a very fine sub-floor is needed to put it, if not gradually cut with foot pressure above and shallow edges below.

The advantage of the PVC floor

The following are the advantages of vinyl flooring;

  • Easy to install: Vinyl flooring is very easy to install because it is only attached to the floor. This can be fixed on concrete, wood, or other ground floors with the help of rubber-based adhesive and is also available in leather and stick types.
  • Multipurpose: Either size, shape, pattern, or print, vinyl is very flexible and can be personalized according to the design of your choice.
  • Cost-effective: Because of the versatile vinyl in various patterns and designs available, it is much cheaper than other types of floors that are very profitable if you want to imitate expensive floor materials.
  • Low maintenance: Vinyl flooring is easily maintained and wide and humid release is very important to keep all vinyl floors clean and in good condition.
  • Durable: Vinyl, which has been polished or laminated with liquid emulsions, is well-protected and resistant to wear due to normal traffic or any chemicals such as mild acid, alkalis, soap, detergents, etc.
  • Moisture resistance: Vinyl floor has a porous surface so it is completely waterproof. For this reason, it can be used anywhere at home.
  • Comfort: Its soft and flexible nature makes it a good working floor to stand and move. It also provides adequate friction that makes it free of accidents.

The following is a loss of PVC vinyl floor;

Environmental Impact: Vinyl is made from petroleum which is an unreleased source, and is not considered environmentally friendly because of the chemicals and pollutants produced in its manufacturing.

Clothing from time to time: While the floor is protected because of lamination, signs of overtime wear begin to appear as folds in the corner, fading color due to sun exposure and scratches, etc. Unlike wood, vinyl floors cannot occur. The final result is only applied.

Difficulties in repair: If vinyl is durable and if damaged, it is difficult to repair because all sheets must be replaced. Tiles or vinyl boards can be removed and newly installed, but sheets must be patched or replaced.

Enjoy PVC flooring!

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