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It’s the beginning of the end. You woke up and convinced yourself to get out of your warm bed. You only have thirty minutes before your meeting starts, and you still need to take a shower. You rush to the bathroom and turn the shower tap, only to find that the water is not hot. What? You assume you’ve turned the tap the wrong way, but to your disappointment, there is still no hot water. Am I being punked? Where’s the camera? Sorry Phil, this is not a joke. You are going to have to take a cold shower. But, just as you muster up the courage to face the cold, you notice that the water looks a bit dirty, and you start to question what’s really going on. You let out a small sigh of relief because you were saved from being hit with tiny bullets of ice, but now you face an even bigger problem. You start to repeat, ‘please don’t be the water heater’ while you’re preparing for the worst in the back of your mind. Just as you suspected, your water heating system has given in, and now you’re going to miss your meeting. Thankfully, hot water system repairs Brisbane has got you covered and will have you up and running in no time.

The Dangers Of DIY Repairs

When we find ourselves without the luxury of hot water, we are often tempted to fix the problem ourselves to have things up and running again, but there are several dangers to DIY hot water system repairs. So keep this in mind before reaching for the spanner:

  • Drywall may be damaged by spraying hot water.
  • You put yourself at risk for burns and other injuries.
  • Possible damage to furniture, flooring, and electronics.
  • Gas water heaters may release carbon monoxide into the home.
  • Faulty gas water heaters can experience gas build-up, and a single spark could lead to a fatal explosion.

It’s essential to respect the possible outcomes when you are tempted to do it yourself. Many people have modified parts on their water heating systems, like the TPR valve, using duct tape and even garden hose spigots because they suspected a fault or leak. Hot water systems are one of those things best left to the professionals, and proper diagnostics and repair ensure your property and family are safe from harm.

Common Hot Water System Issues

The unfortunate thing about life is that everything ages, and with age come aches and pains and a few loose screws and rusty bolts. Extending the lifespan of your water heating system is relatively easy when you have the time to conduct quarterly inspections and repairs, but for some, that’s just not an option. So instead, we rely on the quality of the unit we invested in, and that’s about it. Unfortunately, you will face issues at some point, and those issues may cause damage if not repaired by a professional. Water temperature problems are among the most common issues experienced with water heating systems. Either the water is too cold, not warm enough, or scalding hot, and usually indicate a faulty thermostat or heating element. Other common issues include leaks, discoloured water, and odd noises. Always consult a professional for help before attempting DIY repairs.

No matter how skilled you are in maintenance and repair, there are considerable dangers when it comes to water heating systems that put you and your family at risk. Sure, DIY may save you a few bucks, but the repercussions of poorly conducted repairs could lead to extensive damage to your property and the unit itself, inflicting a much more considerable expense. We all enjoy the convenience of hot water systems, and going without it for even one day often throws us out of routine. So be sure to ask your service provider for advice on general cleaning and maintenance so you can avoid the possibility of repairs and damage.

If you need hot water system repairs Brisbane and are looking for professional services, contact us today for a free quote.

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