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Creating a dedicated space outdoors can be just what you need if you have been cooped up indoors and are feeling stir crazy. Even if you are limited to a tiny balcony, creating a space for yourself outside your home can be possible. Your first step would be to do some research and decide how much work you actually want to put into your outdoor space. Maybe you want to add some plants or paint a little, knowing exactly what you want will help you to create a great space for yourself outdoors. 

Decorating A Small Space

Find some items that are vertical. It may be easier if these items can transform. If you are looking for an outdoor eating space, finding an item that folds out into a table would be better for the small space than having a table that is always there. There are some items that provide shelving space that can fold out into a table that can seat two. Finding some transformable items can allow your space to be versatile. When choosing your furniture, opt for some brighter colors to help the area appear larger. When decorating a small outdoor space, be sure to avoid overcrowding items. Keeping the space simple will work best for keeping the space open and minimal.


Sometimes the best thing to do would be to change the entire yard. Adding some plants and greenery, adding stones and paths, or even a small fountain or pond can liven up your area and transform the space. If you have hedges, trimming them to be a specific shape, whether it’s spherical or rectangular, can spice up your space. You should probably figure out different types of landscapes and learn more about the benefits of landscaping to decide if this is the best next step for you.

Sprucing On A Budget

Adding an outdoor space can sometimes take a lot of money, especially if you are completely reworking your yard. If you still want to create a space for yourself but do not have too much money to spare, you can still do it. Doing some DIY projects can sometimes save money. It is also cheaper to thrift items if possible to save money. If the thrifted item isn’t exactly what you were looking for, then you could upcycle the item to make it look more like what you wanted. You could paint the thrifted item or if it is wood, staining can make it look brand new. Adding some hanging lights can also spruce up the space while also being cost-effective. A lot of different string lights are not too expensive. These can be hung up with some adhesive hooks so they can be removed if you are renting your home or just don’t want the lights to be permanent.

Give Your Outdoor Space A Theme

When you create your outdoor space, you can have a theme for the area. People who are into grilling can make their space more dedicated to that and design their space around grilling. Having an outdoor eating space and counter space for food from the grill would be best for the location. If you are more into entertaining guests, making sure there is enough comfortable seating for multiple people and table space would be better for you.

Creating an outdoor space doesn’t have to be incredibly difficult or cost too much. An outdoor space can help you to not feel cooped up.

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