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There are 3 types of people, or groups when it comes great looking at interior design. The first group is those who know their style and exactly what they like. The second group knows what they like, but only when they see it. They tend to have a hard time articulating what they want, but if you show them a picture they can guide others in creating the home or room of their dreams. The 3rd group doesn’t quite know what they like, they may like a hodgepodge of different styles and home designs.

Regardless of what group you fall into, and what style you like, there are a number of things trending right now. These are not fads that will come and go but will stand the test of time. A popular trend, with doors and windows in Bradenton, Florida, is clean, square lines. Meaning both the doors and windows don’t have any curves but rather they are clean-cut lines and squares. You can also consult a large scale home remodeling contractor to find out what is in style.

Another big trend is having windows that are tall and wide. People want light, and a lot of it; and large, big windows make any room pop! Those looking at a picture of a beautifully designed room may not recognize it at first, but one of the other trends here to stay, that captures attention is the windows encased in elegant black vinyl trim, rather than traditional white. These windows are in high demand and are used for both new constructions and remodel alike.

Doors are trending right now too. The taller the better! Years ago, a 6½ or 7-foot door would be considered standard. Now door standards are getting taller and taller. 8 and 9-foot doors are becoming more commonplace. Those that fall into each of the 3 aforementioned groups also tend to like rooms or homes in Bradenton, Florida with tall doors. Lastly, modern doors with either brushed nickel or gold handles/hardware are really making a huge comeback.

Adkins Building and Construction has been providing high-quality residential construction and large scale remodeling services for nearly a quarter of a century. We have the know-how and experience to help homeowners throughout the greater Bradenton, Florida area. We can either build from the ground up or take your existing home and turn it into a masterpiece. Regardless of what group you want, our master craftsmen will guide you every step of the way. Be sure to ask our large scale home remodeling experts about the trends of Windows and Doors right here in Bradenton.

Adkins Building and Construction provides top-notch large scale home remodeling services in Bradenton. You can count on us to take care of all your residential construction needs!

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