Do You Need Scaffolding for Your New Windows?

If you’re planning to add new windows to your property, you may be wondering whether or not scaffolding is necessary. It all depends on the height of your property and the distance between the work area and the ground below. Are you wondering if you need exterior scaffolding for your new windows? Here are some factors to consider when trying to decide whether or not scaffolding will be required during the installation process.

How many stories are you building?

For homeowners looking to add a new window, it is likely that they will be installing it into an existing structure. If you’re working on one storey, then there won’t be any need for scaffolding as all of your work can take place safely from a step ladder or even off of your windowsill. However, if you are planning on building new storeys, especially in excess of three stories high, then it is recommended that you hire professionals to install your windows and look for things to consider before choosing a window design and material.

Not only is it safer to hire scaffolding north wales, but it also greatly reduces your risk of personal injury. If you don’t plan on getting on a ladder, then you’ll need to bring in an expert to get your job done. It is recommended that homeowners invest in proper scaffolding as they can make a big difference when it comes to safety. This will help protect you from falls or accidents while working on higher levels of your home.

What type of structure are you working with?

The first thing you’ll need to figure out is what type of structure you’re working with. Are you replacing an old window or constructing a new one? If it’s an existing structure, are there any brickwork or existing cement work that will influence how your scaffolding installation should be done.

If you’re replacing an existing window, you may be able to reuse scaffolding installed by previous owners. If it was properly built and maintained, there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be safe to use again.

What size are the windows?

In order to get a better sense of whether or not you need scaffolding, consider how large your new windows are. For example, if you’re having casement windows fitted on your second floor, then no, you likely don’t need scaffolding. If you’re having a bay window fitted, then yes, it is very likely that you’ll need scaffolding. Bay windows are large and often require additional support to be stable when installed.

Who is doing the install for you?

Perhaps you’re having your new windows installed as part of a larger renovation project and your contractor is using his own team. In that case, he should be able to advise you whether scaffolding will be required for your new windows installation. Alternatively, if you are installing your own new windows, then you may have noticed that some companies specifically offer rental scaffolding services with their window sales. This means they’ll bring in a team to erect scaffolding and remove it once your job is complete.

Having professional scaffolding contractors come in and carry out some of your work means you can be sure that it’s done properly and safely. And no matter what kind of scaffolding job you need done, a professional team can ensure it’s delivered effectively and efficiently.

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