Dresser: advantages, tips and how to use it in decoration

Have you ever thought about having a dresser in the kitchen, lobby, or in the bedroom? It can be in the bathroom too. Don’t be scared or find it strange. With drawers for sale at affordable prices online, nowadays it’s very common to see drawers scattered throughout the different areas of the house. This multifunctional piece of furniture, full of aesthetic possibilities, has been a great ally of modern decorations. Besides fitting anywhere, the drawers can still be customized and adapted to your needs.

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Space saving

The drawer is a small piece of furniture, of medium height and with little depth, easy to move and maintain. These features makes the dresser an ideal piece of furniture for those who have little space and need a place to store and organize objects.

Diversity of colors and models

Another great advantage of the drawer is the wide variety of models, colors and materials available on the market, facilitating the process of integrating the furniture with the rest of the decoration.

Customization is possible

The drawer also accepts customizations very well. Depending on the material, it can receive new paint, stickers, different handles and applications of artisanal techniques, making the furniture even more stylish.

Multifunction capabilities

The drawer is a master at the subject of functionality. The furniture can be used to house clothes, kitchen accessories, shoes, documents and everything else you need to store.

How to choose the ideal drawer?

There are three important points you need to consider before purchasing a drawer.


First of all, the drawer must fit in your space. It’s not because it is a small type of furniture that fits well in smaller environments. But, the dresser must not be disproportionate to the environment.


The style of the dresser is also important. A quick tour of an e-commerce and you can already see the huge variety of different models of drawers. There are the retro style, the modern, the romantic and Provencal, the children’s and the classic ones.And to choose the right model, pay attention to the decorative style that predominates in your space.


Evaluate the functionality of the drawer and what you expect from this furniture. Is it a chest of drawers with doors and drawers you need, or is a chest of drawers just enough? The functionality of the dresser is also related to the environment where it will be displayed.

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