Everything You Need To Know About Free Hosting

When a person occupies an accommodation without paying rent, with the agreement of the person who has the rights to the accommodation, the situation is called accommodation free of charge, or free of charge. Indeed, the specificity of the lease lies in the payment of rent, in return for the possibility of using the accommodation. There can therefore be no rental without payment of rent. Free hosting is very common. It is useful to supervise it, when it is going to last over an extended period. It has different consequences, depending on the situation encountered.

You Are A Tenant

A tenant can accommodate his loved ones, such as the person who shares his life, his children, or his descendants especially in areas like Condo near bts (คอนโด ใกล้ bts which is the term in Thai)

However, this freedom has limits. Thus, the extended accommodation of relatives can have consequences on the calculation of housing assistance. Indeed, the resources of the person accommodated are taken into account when the accommodation exceeds 6 months. In the same way, the fact of accommodating one or more people can have consequences when the accommodation concerned is social housing, type HLM, and calls into question the lease.

You Own

An owner may wish to lend accommodation to a person, who will occupy it for a longer or shorter time, and then return it. It seems essential, especially if this situation is going to last a certain time, to establish a convention, fixing the rules of this provision free of charge. It is possible to provide that the occupant pays the various charges related to the property (water, gas … what is usually called rental charges). The parties thus agree on the duration of the loan for use and the events ending it, the prohibition to transform the property or to carry out work there, the prohibition to rent it, the obligation to insure good. They can also establish an inventory.

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