How do you choose an external blind?

Above all, the outdoor awning is an awning for the patio and garden! The outdoor awning, often known as an awning, is either manual or motorised and is required for shade! Dimensions, integral or semi-integral trunk, valance, and remote control: use this guide to find the right awning for you!

Are you looking for a private or professional awning (for a business or a restaurant)?

It is important to note that there is no distinction between an awning for individuals and an awning for a store or business.

As a private individual, you will have access to the same outdoor blinds selection. Each time, the goal is to find the best awning in the range based on your budget and needs.

  • What are the criteria for comparing and selecting an awning?

Your budget will be the primary consideration that will drive your decision. The quality, size, and alternatives of the awning are frequently determined by your budget.

The price of an awning will invariably vary depending on the following factors: the manufacturer, the model, whether the awning is purchased from a store or from a GSB, the size of the awning, with or without motorization, with or without options, and the materials and mechanics of the awning.

For someone who isn’t familiar with the arts, two or three awnings on a display stand may appear to be the same, but think again; there are significant quality distinctions.

This is why, in order to compare several awning quotations and prices, it is necessary to examine the products, particularly the size of the awning and its technical specifications, which include, but are not limited to:

The frame style: monobloc, semi-box, or full box (be careful, this does not determine the quality of the outdoor blinds, but the protection of the frame and the canvas against bad weather).

The awning’s wind resistance class (0, 1, 2 or 3: 0 valuing nothing and 3 being high wind resistance).

The warranty period for the complete awning is two, five, seven, or ten years.

The arms and arm supports are of high quality. There are a number of articulated arm mechanisms (1, 2 or 4 cables, tape, chain, and piston). Quality arms will ensure that the canvas is taut and that it is resistant to the wind.

The blind’s appearance and the quality of the finishing.

The canvas quality provided.

The make and model of the proposed motor for a motorised (electric) awning.

  • What size awning should you purchase?

Professional advice is straightforward: the larger your awning, the better! A larger awning does, in fact, provide additional shade, sun protection, and outdoor comfort.

  • Selecting the awning’s projection:

The length of the deployed arms is the advance. The advance is sometimes known as projection of the outdoor blinds, and more infrequently, fall or deployment. The projection of the awning is critical since it determines the level of shadow thrown on the ground on your patio. The awning must be able to extend far enough to shield your terrace from the sun.

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