How to Check the Quality of Curtain Cleaning?

Curtains should be cleaned by professional curtain cleaning Adelaide experts at least once or twice a year. This is one of the most common pieces of advice received by customers across the world. And, many homeowners take this advice seriously and take great care of their curtains.

But, how do you know if the curtain cleaners Adelaide have done a good job? Hiring a cleaning company for curtain cleaning isn’t the most challenging part, but being cheated after paying the price is. Therefore, it is important that you check the quality of curtain cleaning Adelaide.

Here’s what you should check if your curtains are cleaned properly or not!

Know About the Cleaning Method

Your curtains need to be cleaned using a special technique. As every fabric has its cleaning instructions, you cannot go on using the steam cleaning method on a curtain that requires dry cleaning.

Being an owner of your curtain, you should remain aware of the right cleaning process required for your beautiful fabrics. So, when you hire experts for the job, ask them about the cleaning method they are going to adopt for curtain cleaning Adelaide.

Check whether the experts read the instructions mentioned on the curtain labels and follow them for effective cleaning. You know your curtains are in safe hands when the experts do what is right for your curtains!

Check for Spots

Spots and stains aren’t just ugly but also a hub of bacteria and mold. If your curtains have been stained badly, you must be aware of the situation. If you have tried DIY hacks at home then you must understand that getting rid of tough stains is not easy.

Therefore, when checking the quality of curtain cleaning, make sure you check for the spots your curtains had. No matter if it’s a small or a big stain, it should be gone.

Curtain cleaning companies make big promises, therefore, it is important that you check your curtains if you opted for off-site cleaning. If your curtains appear spotless and fresh, this means they have been cleaned properly.

Measure Your Curtains

Why do you need to measure your curtains? When curtains are cleaned inappropriately, some fabrics develop severe shrinkage issues. You won’t like it when your curtains appear smaller on the windows.

Therefore, when your curtains arrive packed at home, make sure you take out a measurement tape and measure their length and breadth. Your curtain fabrics can shrink and develop wrinkles when they are not dried properly.

Measuring your curtains can give you a better understanding of whether or not your curtains have been cleaned and maintained properly.

Touch and Smell Your Fabrics

A clean curtain smells fantastic. You won’t bat an eye when your curtains smell fresh and clean. However, it is important to know that your curtains can smell fresh, but there’s no guarantee that it is properly clean.

So, how do we check if your refreshing curtains are truly clean? There’s no formula for this, all you need to do is keep all the above-mentioned points in mind when checking the quality of your curtain cleaning services.

Furthermore, you can tell if your curtains are properly clean by touching them. Just run your hands on the smooth fabric and you’ll sense if anything is wrong.

Check if Specifications are Resolved

Your curtains can have specific issues, like stains, odor, mold growth, and other damages. The main purpose of hiring experts for curtain cleaning is for battling the curtain problem.

You should give instructions to the curtain cleaners Adelaide in case you have a specific requirement. Check if your requirements are taken care of. If you are not satisfied with the cleaning services, make sure you contact the curtain cleaning company and get the problem resolved.

This is one effective way of finding out if your curtain cleaning company offers premium quality services or not!

Final Thoughts

Now, you know how to check the quality of a curtain cleaning service. You can tell by the look of the curtains, touch the fabrics and smell them. Measure your curtains and check its dimension for better assurance.

You know your curtain cleaning company is the best when it takes care of minute details and every request made by their valuable customers.

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