Learn how to use shelves to decorate and organize your home

Are you the type of person who likes versatility when decorating an environment? If so, you’re reading the right text. Today we are going to talk about decoration with shelves on the wall. Shelves are an excellent option to decorate and optimize all spaces in different environments. The theme is perfect for those who have a small environment and need to optimize the existing space or for those who simply want to give a different look to the room.

Thinking about colors

Color and decoration must always go together. There is no way to talk about decoration without mentioning the colors of the environment. If your house is already full of details, think about more discreet shelves. They can follow the color of the wall. 

Infinite Extension

The shelves don’t have to be enclosed in a single space if you don’t want to. They can be of various sizes, thicknesses and extensions. In this case, they are for books, pictures, small objects, plants, DVDs and so on. If it is in the bedroom, it also replaces the wardrobe. If it is in the kitchen, it can serve as a pantry or to store dishes.

In the Bedroom

Above the headboard, the shelves hold portraits of special people and interesting books. If placed next to the bed when people are lying down, it is a nightstand to position lamps, cell phone, clock radio and so on. In this case, they need to be placed very firmly, to avoid accidents.

Shelves and walls

How about combining shelves and walls in the decoration? These two items together can transform any environment. The decoration is perfect for those who work as a home office. Incidentally, the idea is also valid for children’s rooms. Place the shelves at a lower height and place dolls, books and materials that children can always have on hand.

Small spaces

It is nothing new that shelves are the best friends of those who do not have space at home. They are not just decorative items, but become essential for those who need to organize several items in a small place. Shelves can hide all the clutter of boxes and pieces dropped on the floor, which can disturb circulation in the environment. Even in a small room, there is still the possibility to install shelves.

Suspended shoe racks

From the title of this item, you can already imagine the idea, right? Look how creative it is to use shelves in different positions to create a shoe rack hanging on the wall. For those with few shoes, the space can be created behind the door or in that corner of the wardrobe. 

In summary

In the kitchen, in the living room, in the bedroom, in the bathroom, in the entrance hall, in the laundry room, on the balcony: you can practically install Wicker Wall Shelves to match the interior. The shelves can be of numerous models, colors, thicknesses and can be used for various purposes. Moreover, they are not expensive pieces. There is really no more versatile item in the decor than the shelf.

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