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Moving home or office, Wokingham skip hire is the most cost-effective and convenient solution to manage waste produced. If this is the first time you are considering of taking the skip service, it is best to know certain things. Here is a simple guide that will help in navigating the process without hassle.

Find a suitable location

Looking for a suitable location is a must so that the skip is positioned close to the commercial or domestic premises. It is because it enables easy loading. Choosing an appropriate location helps so that your skips do not damage a driveway, even if they become heavy.  Placing stabilizing equipment may alleviate the problem when positioned below a skip. Besides, if the skip is to be positioned on a pavement or a public road, a skip permit is a must. So ensure you check with the skip hire permit rules from your local council.

Choose perfect size

Choosing skip size is not some methodical science. However, to be realistic and to estimate the waste production, knowing the perfect size is helpful. It is illegal to overfill a skip. But, it is safe to overestimate the skip size. If not you will have to shell out to hire another skip. Measuring the Wokingham skip hire is in cubic yards is helpful. Generally, the rule is rubbish of 10 bin bags = 1 yard.


A skip hire truck mostly becomes heavy, so considering logistical issues about picking up the skip is a must. Most Wokingham skip hire companies maneuver a variety of types of road.  It is worth checking with the neighborhood and informing before what to expect to the driver. Keep everyone safe as the vehicle arrives and ascertain no pets or children are nearby.

Time required

Advance booking for the Wokingham skip hireis a must so that you get the lowest price. It is best to know the option so that you request the same from a reputable and reliable company.  You also must be sure of the length of time required. The container collection is arranged usually with the skip hiring, and so knowing how fast the skip filling will take is essential.

Things to avoid

Rules may differ as per the policies of local council, so check with before hiring. However, here are a few things to avoid that you must not load in a Wokingham skip hire:

  • Electric items, gas bottles, asbestos, hazardous items or materials, batteries, medical or clinical waste, tyres, diesel/petrol/oil, liquids and other solvents, paint cans or oil based paints.

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