Mold infestation, inspection and testing is important

You might have noticed some kind of dark patches on the roofs, garden areas or areas which are always wet. This a type of fungal growth developed on the wet areas called mold. This is good in case of plants and dead species but it should be avoided indoors. So mold inspection has to done from time to time to avoid development of fungus. 

Thermal cameras and moisture meter are used generally to detect wetness in hidden areas during the mold inspection bay area. The agencies will visit your place for inspection and detect mold as early as possible. They will be having highly skilled and well equipped team for inspection.

Agencies offering mold inspection San Rafael CA offer highly professional inspection services at affordable prices. Usually, the cost is calculated based on the area to be inspected. If the inspection and testing has to be huge and area to be examined is vast, the cost may increase to a considerable amount.

Mold testing

Mold inspection Richmond CA can be done with the samples from air and surface. Air samples will be collected using a method called spoke trap. Air is made to pass through a sticky surface so that the particles get stuck on this sticky surface. Then this sticky material is sent to the laboratory for testing. There some stains applied and based on the reaction and absorption level of the mold, type of mold is identified.

Samples from the surface can also be collected using the methods bulk, swab and tape samples. In bulk samples, the piece of the surface is removed and then sent for testing. A cotton swab or something similar is rubbed against the area and this swab will be tested in swab samples testing. A clear tape is pressed against the affected area so that mold gets stuck to the tape and then it is sent to the laboratory for testing.

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