Professional Unattended Death Cleanup Fort Myers Florida

When someone dies and their body is left unattended, the decomposition can impact the surrounding space by producing odorous and potentially harmful gases and bodily fluids. Professional unattended death cleanup Fort Myers Florida services are needed in order to make sure that the result of the unattended body is properly handled. The following is a guide to professional unattended death cleanup services that are necessary in circumstances of an unattended death.

What is an Unattended Death?

An unattended death is any death which has gone unnoticed for long enough for the body to decompose. Many unattended deaths occur when people who are elderly, isolated or otherwise do not have daily contact with others pass away in their homes; it may take days or even longer for their absence to become noticed, resulting in an unattended death. Unattended deaths can also double as crime scenes, in cases where the crime scene is not discovered for some time. In some cases, an unattended death may be the result of suicide. 

Unattended deaths can cause consequences for landlords, neighbors as well as fellow tenants if the unattended death has occurred in an apartment or condominium building. It is important that the scene is cleaned up as quickly as possible for the sake of anyone who may be in or near the home.

Unattended Death: Biohazards and Waste

The consequence of an unattended death is the fact that the body will begin to decompose. This decomposition results in the build-up of fluids, gases and other bodily matter. These are considered biohazards that can cause illness, potentially even serious illness, depending on the length of time that someone is exposed to them .Other biohazards that can occur in cases of unattended death include feces, urine, as well as the appearance of pests such as insects and rodents who are attracted by the decomposition. 

Professional Unattended Death Cleanup Services

When an unattended death occurs, it is important for the scene to be properly and professionally cleaned. A professional cleanup after an unattended death will help to make sure that the space is returned to its original state and that anything potentially hazardous is fully cleaned up. 

Due to the fact that bodily fluids and other waste caused by body decomposition are biohazards, it is important that a professional cleanup service experienced and trained in cleaning up unattended death scenes is used. A professional team that knows what they are doing—and how to do it safely for everyone involved—is essential for the most professional services. 

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