Resin Flooring vs. Polished Concrete

If you are looking to protect your flooring from elements like water, dust, and dirt, there are two main options — polished concrete and resin flooring. Both choices will offer an attractive, hard-wearing finish that’s easy to clean and even easier to maintain. So which one should you choose? To help you make an informed decision, read on to learn about the pros and cons of each option.

Advantages of resin flooring

Domestic resin flooring uk is a higher quality and more attractive option for your floors, it has some significant advantages over polished concrete. Resin gives your floors an impermeable finish that will be resistant to spills, stains and even water damage. You won’t need to worry about sealants or cleaning products ruining your beautiful resin floor like you would with a polished concrete finish. Another advantage of resin flooring is that it can last up to 20 years while polished concrete only lasts 3-5 years on average. This makes resin much more cost effective in the long run.

Disadvantages of resin flooring

The biggest downside of resin flooring is that it can be difficult to apply, especially for a DIY job. If you have not done anything like it before, resin can prove tricky to lay and may require professional assistance. Also, not all materials used in resins are resilient to extreme weather, which can lead to chipping and staining if they get too wet or too dry.

Advantages of polished concrete

Compared to resin flooring, polished concrete is considerably cheaper and can be used on floors that are not level, which makes it great for renovation projects in older buildings. Additionally, polished concrete allows you to use a variety of colours; with resin flooring you’re limited to using a tile or paint pattern but with polished concrete your creativity has no limits!

Disadvantages of polished concrete

As polished concrete is a rough surface, it can scratch fairly easily and is often more susceptible to staining than resin flooring. Because of its uneven surface, polished concrete is also harder to clean than many other floor coverings, particularly carpets and rugs. These floors are also not waterproof which makes them unsuitable for use in areas like kitchens or bathrooms where moisture might be an issue.


Resin flooring is a modern, hardwearing flooring material that should last for years if maintained correctly. That said, there are a number of great polished concrete options available today that could be a perfect choice if you’re looking for a classic look or want to go completely green with your home or business décor. 

The best option will depend on your personal preferences and budget so it’s important to research all your options before making a decision. It might also be worth getting in touch with a professional flooring expert as they can offer expert advice and make sure you get exactly what you want from both materials. Whatever option you choose, one thing is certain: an investment in flooring will pay off in terms of comfort and appearance – no matter which type of material you choose!

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