The Best Way To Store Your Firewood

Have you recently bought some dry logs for sale at denbighshire and you’re wondering where you can store them to keep them safe and dry? In this article we will discuss the best way to store your firewood indoors and outdoors safely.

How should you store firewood?

Seasoned Firewood should be stored in a dry, attractive, and stable environment. It needs to be attractive because a huge disorganised mound of logs is an eyesore for you and your neighbours. Stacking your wood neatly is much more appealing, and adding and removing wood from a neat pile is easier.

Also, stability is important because you don’t want strong winds and heavy rain to threaten the integrity of your pile. Your woodpile should be able to withstand the elements all year round.

To keep your wood in the best condition for burning, keep it as dry as possible. While maintaining maximum airflow to help the wood stay as dry as possible, the best wood storage keeps wood dry from the weather above and the damp ground below.

These conditions can be achieved both indoors and outdoors.

Storing firewood outdoors

Keeping wood outside requires taking precautions to keep it protected from the outside elements. For example, if wood is being stored above grass, soil, or any other moist ground, it needs to be covered and rested on something.

A tarpaulin weighed down by bricks can be used as the top covering. To keep the weight low to the ground and to prevent the corner of the tarp from whipping in the wind, tie two bricks together with rope and drape it across the top. Pallets make an ideal base for storing wood below. Their wide openings allow for several rows of wood, and their holes provide great air circulation beneath the wood.

It is also possible to store your wood in a purpose-built structure. The wooden frame is combined with the solid roof and raised bottom mentioned previously.

Storing firewood indoors

You might find it easier to store firewood inside, since there’s less likelihood of rain and moisture. Sheds and garages are great places to store firewood.

The same storage methods can be used, but the wood doesn’t need to be raised from the ground as much. As long as the garage floor is dry enough, the wood can rest without becoming wet. Having a trunk will keep wood organised and dry. As a result, mice or any other creatures will not be able to build homes in the pile.

Best way to stack your firewood

Finding a good way to stack your wood is important once you’ve decided where to store it.

If you use a solid structure such as a log store, the outer walls keep the wood in place. As a result, you can add chopped logs on top of one another without having to worry about the pile collapsing. However, if you opt for a woodpile covered by a tarp without any structure, you need to be more cautious. Jenga is our preferred method for storing wood.

Once you have seasoned your firewood, it only makes sense to store it properly in order to enjoy its benefits. A good firewood storage system can keep your wood ready to burn throughout even the wettest, chilliest months.

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