The Smarter Kitchen: Kitchen Design For People Who Love To Cook

Modern kitchens, popularly known today as “The Smarter Kitchen,” have defined functionality, clean lines, and innovation. Today’s cooking rooms have become a gathering place for family, friends, and visitors and are often the center of home entertainment.

The benefits of building a contemporary galley can be enormous and would require significant financial resources and a large amount of time to research and design. However, all these are nothing compared to the efficiency and console that a modernized kitchen brings.

Before all the progress, knowing the history of kitchens is an essential component to begin the process of building one’s dream kitchen. Kitchens have been used to prepare food since biblical times, and their history only seems to be growing in importance and modernity. The beginning of the twentieth century saw the start of modern kitchen design with the widespread use of stainless steel in kitchen equipment plastics in most appliances and cooking.

Today’s modern kitchen is defined by open, transparent, and frosted or clear glass cabinetry, clear or colored glass doors, high-end stainless-steel appliances, and open shelf systems in cabinets. These changes reflect the trends in design, which were famous for the first decade of the twentieth century.

However, with the introduction of microwaves, household computers, and other home video surveillance, the trend to create a more “minimalist” or simplistic kitchen began to gain steam in the mid-1990s. Stainless steel appliances became almost ubiquitous. The cabinets used to house such appliances were nearly all gone from the affluent kitchens following this trend.

The craze to create a modern minimalist kitchen had begun to shape kitchen designs around the concept of efficiency rather than an extravagance. In other words, the idea was to reduce the amount of wasted space in the kitchen so that the kitchen would be more functional. All the intelligent appliances that get the job done by a human’s voice command are an addition to the more ingenious kitchen that the Millennials, Post-Millennials, Generation Z, and the future genesis will witness.

To have an idea of how to design a kitchen the more sophisticated way for cooking lovers, the most notorious kitchen cabinet Cypress and kitchen remodeling companies Cypress known for, Mr. Cabinet Care, created an infographic below:

The Smarter Kitchen: Kitchen Design for People Who Love to Cook

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