Time Decking: What major aspects to consider?

It is necessary to understand that challenges and hindrances are quite common in almost every project undertaken It includes maintenance, sustainability, pedestrian traffic, etc., when decking is concerned. Getting to know some key points will allow you to complete the project much to your satisfaction. For this, you can consult the top Timber decking Norwich professionals.

5 reasons to select timber decking for your home

  • Reduces slip risks: It is necessary to understand that there is witnessed increasing public liability claims. Hence, it will be essential to customize boards to suit specific requirements and avoid unfortunate slips and accidents. Specifying appropriate decking type especially in high-risk places will be crucial for performance and safety. Well-established Timber decking Norwich companies recommend installing timber decking in boardwalks, marinas and wetland areas. It is durable in corrosive environments and offers very high slip resistance.
  • Softens hard landscapes: Natural wood does enhance the beauty of the place especially given today’s engineering construction world. With some imaginative timber usage, it is possible to soften striking silhouettes of steel, concrete and glass. Thus, your site can now grow old gracefully. Choosing timber decking can help convert even a dull looking place into an inviting, warm, natural feeling environment. It allows the space to flow inside-out if used as a building envelope or timber façade.
  • Natural material: Timber is naturally available and is completely environment-friendly. It is grown in huge numbers for commercial purposes than what is felled annually. Thus, it absorbs more carbon from the environment. But make sure to procure timber decking with PEFC or FSC accreditation. It ensures sustainable timber deck.
  • Easy accessibility even in high traffic places: There are some places where the decking experiences high traffic. It includes theme parks, attractions, visitor centers and zoos. Such places strictly require non-slip decking to ensure high level slip resistance. It also offers easy accessibility to those using wheelchairs, high visitor traffic levels, visually impaired while requiring less maintenance. Consulting the Timber decking Norwich professionals will allow you to get the best decking solution for your home.
  • Increases longevity: Since timber decking is easy to maintain, you do not have to think of another investment for a long time. It needs to be treated properly to ensure application like BS 8417:2011. This will ensure deriving top-notch performance. It can be used for footpaths, bridleways and for outdoor pursuits.

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