Tips to fix some common problems in furnace

To deal with the extreme winters, people have furnace installed in their houses. If there is any issue with the furnace, you might have to experience chills in the winter. It is thus suggested to get the furnace serviced at regular intervals specially before the starting of the winters. Many furnace problems can be fixed quickly, simply, and inexpensively. You can contact home on callservicesfor your furnace repair needs.

Here described are some common issues with its solution that you should know.

The thermostat is not set to heat

First of all you should check whether the thermostat is on right setting? You might have switched it off or set it on a high temperature. Ensure that thermostat batteries are in working condition.

Furnace is continuously making noise

Continuous furnace noise indicates warm blower belt or a slipped one. However, you can hire a mechanic but you can also fix it yourself. Check the belt, tighten it properly and if you see wear and tear on the belt then purchase a new one or replace it from another one.  

Dirty filters

As a professional, you can’t overlook the importance of regular filter replacement. If your filters are clogged then it will restrict airflow which can lead to overheating the heat exchanger and the unit will shut down. If it is not properly producing heat or constantly cycling on and off then the best way is to replace the filters.

Dirty Burners

If the burners lead to insufficient natural gas release, it means that it will not produce heat. Right burners will release blue flames. If debris is mixed then it will produce orange or yellow colors. When dirty burners ignite then they will produce an impressive boom-rumble.

 Furnace is not receiving power

 If your furnace setting is correct and thermostat is properly working even then of your furnace is not receiving power then check the circuit breaker if it is tripped. If the breaker is OFF, flip it to ON or if the breaker is between OFF and On in this condition first flip to OFF then switch ON.

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