Types Of Hot Water Systems Available Online

A hot water system is a heating system, a heat-conveying medium is hot water, consisting of water-heating or water-cooling means and heat-emitting means, like:

  • Radiators
  • Convectors
  • Baseboard radiators
  • Panel coils 

The hot water system is built around the radiant heat premise. The water is heated by the boiler and then circulates all over the building. It is usually in the homes through a series of people, which the heat radiators give off heat. The heat is then transferred to the air in a room or all over the house.  

7 types of hot water systems

There are several types of Reece’s hot water systems to choose from, these are the following:

  1. Electric hot water systems
  2. Gas hot water systems
  3. Commercial hot water
  4. Solar hot water systems
  5. Solar hot water systems
  6. Boiling/Chilled water
  7. Heat pumps

These are the 7 options of hot water systems to choose from. All are available and purchasable online. A buyer must check which hot water system they are looking for, according to their specifications. Each of them has different features, though it is similar to some features, each has uniqueness. Thus, it is vital to check a hot water system that meets your needs and requirements.  

How does it work?

Water is heated using hot water cylinders through an external heat source called solar thermal or gas boiler. The water is heated and travels through a copper coil in a hot water tank. From the external heat source, the heat is transferred to the water in the hot water tank. 

Knowing how the hot water system is not only about the technical info the experts have to know. Knowing how the machine works gives you a greater understanding of how a water heater is the best for you and the family. Different hot water systems can produce different hot water quantities at different levels of efficiency.  

Understanding how every type of hot water system works allows you to make sure that you are choosing the right hot water system that provides enough hot water that meets the family’s needs. It also helps give a rate of efficiency that suits your budget.

The general types of the hot water system

Two main factors differentiate hot water systems, these are:

  1. The power source of the system. The initial power sources of the hot water systems are gas and electricity. But, solar hot water systems become more popular for their energy efficiency while heat pump systems will be the cutting edge of efficient and renewable hot water production.   
  2. The instantaneous systems or tank-based systems. A tank system will maintain a large volume of water then refill as hot water, which is used. While the instantaneous hot water system will heat the how water without keeping any stored supply.  

As a buyer, you need to learn and understand all these before you decide to purchase one.

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