Ultimate guide to installing Wet Rooms

Complete Guide to Wet Rooms & Wet Room Installation | More Bathrooms

Wet rooms undoubtedly are a fabulous choice for those who prefer practicality and style. You may not know how to install your wet room, what is required and what are the long-term benefits derived. Discussing with the Wet room fitter Birmingham professionals can help you to get proper guidance to making the right choice.

When should you install the Wet Room?

Basically, this shower room is optimized for water protection and draining. This means, cubicle or screen is not essential while operating the shower. It does not involve merely placing of a few tips towards preventing water seepage within the walls. Rather, you need to follow some more steps to ensure deriving a stylish and fully functional well room. The Wet room fitter Birmingham can be expected to do a wonderful job.

Water drainage

The shower water is to be channelized into the drain. For this, you need to install a gradient to ensure that the waste water flow naturally. Otherwise, puddles might occur whenever you use the shower. Moreover, it is essential to tank or waterproof the entire room. This is to ensure that moisture does not reach the walls or subfloor to avoid dampness from setting in your property.

At times, the sub floor installed may have a natural gradient. A large shower base or plywood may be installed for covering the entire room using specialized draining and sloping features. Screed flooring may also be used for covering the sub floor as well as to provide the wet room with a smooth surface.


The wall’s lower section and the floors will have to be primed. This should be done before installing the wet room. Moreover, the entire wall area surrounding the shower is to be membrane-treated. Once complete, lay tiling over it, thereby deriving that final finishing.

You should also make sure that waste water does not flow out of the bathroom door into the surrounding rooms. To ensure this, raise slightly the door threshold, thereby developing a strong barrier between the bathroom hallway and the wet room. You can trust in the certified Wet room fitter Birmingham to waterproof the entire room.

Surface materials

For wet rooms, ceramic tiles are considered to be a popular choice. You may also consider other options like vinyl. The material to select should be non-porous, strong and require little maintenance. Installing concrete will provide the room with a rough, but luxurious finish. The Wet room fitter Birmingham can complete the job much to your satisfaction.

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