What Questions Should You Ask A Roofer Before Hiring Them?

Your home is a big investment and you have to take care of that investment to insure that it last for years to come. Maintaining your home is important and in the event of a storm or natural disaster it’s imperative that you repair any damage to your home quickly so that the problem doesn’t spread. 

Your roof is a very imperative element to home. It protects you and your family from the outside elements and you simply can’t do without a proper roof. You may find yourself needing a new roof because your old roof is old and it just needs to be replaced or your roof was damaged. Whatever the reason is that you are looking for a roofer in Nebraska there are things that you need to ask your roofing contractor before you hire them to do the job.

How Much Will This Cost?

This is probably the first question that most people will ask. Price is important because if you are under a strict budget then price is probably going to be your number one concern. Talk to your contractor and get a written estimate from them and then go over the estimate and negotiate anything that you feel you need to. Before you allow them to begin work get a finalized price in writing from them so that you will know exactly how much you will have to pay for them to complete the job.

What Type of Insurance Do You Carry?

Okay let me break this down for you. Not all states require that roofing contractors carry workman’s comp insurance but before you allow any contractors to work on your property you need to ask them if they carry this type of insurance. Sometimes you will find that contractors will forego carry this insurance because it helps them keep their costs down but if they don’t have workman’s comp insurance and one of their employees gets injured on your property you could have some liability involved. 

The next type of insurance they should have is general liability insurance. This type of insurance will cover any damages that the contractors may cause accidentally to your property.

What Type of Warranty Do You Offer?

The average cost of a new roof can cost anywhere from ten thousand dollars up to twenty thousand dollars depending on the type of roof you get and the materials used. This is a large amount of money and a warranty is important in the event that the roof is defective. You want to make sure that they offer a warranty on their work and that in the event that it had a default they will come and fix it for free.

Where Are You Located?

You might think that this question would be common knowledge for someone to know that they need to ask. However, you would be surprised as to how many homeowners don’t even think about asking this question until they are scammed by the contractor. 

You need to know the legal name of the business, their address, phone number and any other contact information that they may have. You could even ask for a copy of their license so you can make sure you are dealing with a legitimate professional.

How Do You Remove the Material?

When you get a new roof installed the old roof must come off first and that will create a lot of debris and old material. Ask your contractor how they plan on removing this material. Will they have a container for all old and excess material or will they have their own truck and trailer to remove everything?

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