What to Do Before Putting Your House on the Market

You’ve decided to move, and now you’re getting ready to sell your home. You know that you’re ready, but you can’t help but wonder: is your house? Here are several items you should check off before trading in your humble abode.  

Find Your Real Estate Agent

You probably have a lot of questions and concerns about selling your home. Before officially putting the for sale sign up, find a real estate agent you trust. It’s worth the investment to talk with an agent from REPYYC. Real estate professionals are trained to make the selling process more straightforward and smoother. With the right agent who knows your specific market, you’ll be home in no time!

Clean and De-Clutter for Showings

No one wants to buy a dirty or cluttered house. Make sure yours is sparkling clean and organized during showings so you can make the best possible impression. Store your excess items elsewhere so your living spaces appear neat and appealing, making it look like the home is move-in ready. Keep in mind that a home’s smell is often one of the first things potential buyers notice when they walk in; give them a scent that makes them want to come back! Also, remember that the beautiful, immaculate pictures you posted on your listing should match your actual house.

Repaint and Touch Up

Bright colors often scare off buyers. Repainting the walls in neutral colors gives increases the chance of them falling in love with your home.  It also helps the buyer imagine what the rooms would look like if they repainted them. In addition, it’s wise for current homeowners to fix any scuff marks, holes in the wall, or other small repairs before showings. It shows you care about your home and eliminates a few items off the buyer’s to-do list if they end up moving in.

Don’t Forget the Outside

Curb appeal is a critical factor to consider when selling your home, as it is the first thing people see before entering. The outside should be attractive and inviting. You can easily add to your home’s curb appeal depending on the condition of your home’s exterior. Doing things such as painting the front door, cleaning windows, planting flowers, and power washing your siding, driveway, and sidewalks can be an affordable way to make your home stand out.

Selling a home takes a lot more effort than you think, especially when you want a top-dollar buyer. However, with a lot of preparation and a can-do attitude, your house can fly off the market!

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