What You Need to Know About Heaters and Boilers this Winter

During this wintery season, at All Utah Plumbing, we often get asked the question, is it okay to turn my heater to just above freezing to reduce my bill if I am going to be on a lengthy vacation? We’ve also had clients ask us if it’s okay to turn their furnace off altogether. The answer to the last question is a resounding, no! You never ever want to turn your furnace off, especially here in Utah during the wintertime. Having your temperature set too low can burst pipes and can damage equipment in your home.

The answer to the first question is just a little more complicated. Technically speaking, you can set your furnace to 33 degrees and be just fine, however, if you have different levels in your home, then it is important to note that each level of your home will be heated at different temperatures. It is impossible, for a single furnace, to heat all floors, to be exactly the same temperatures. Thus, the reason why most thermostats are on the main floor. In the instance you have 3 levels, it will be on the middle floor. The absolute lowest we recommend is 40 degrees, but if you want a little buffer room (highly recommended) to be sate, you may want to raise it anywhere from 50 – 55 degrees. Reach out to a heating installation specialist if you have more questions.

Remember if you have a fridge, with a water line, then the smaller the waterline, the easier it is to freeze. Also, if the back of your fridge is touching an exterior wall, then it is easier for things to freeze on an exterior wall rather than an interior wall. Smart Thermostats in Utah are making a big difference as you can check the temperature of your home at any time right from your cell phone and adjust the temperature based upon the weather report, or better yet, your thermostat can do it for you.

If you want to save money this year on your gas bills, look to the best. All Utah Plumbing is your Utah County heating installation specialist. We are also Utah’s boiler specialists! They have been in business for over 10 years and they’ve helped thousands of Utahn’s, just like you, make sure their home is heated right and for a nice price. They don’t believe in price gouging, as they want customers for life, not just for a job.

Wondering what you need to know about heaters and boilers this winter? Here are tips from our Utah heating installation specialist.

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