Which carpets are best for the washrooms?

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A carpet in the washroom sounds and feels luxurious simultaneously, doesn’t it? On a chilly day, taking a hot bath and afterwards stepping out of the steamy shower onto a stone cold floor is not entirely a great idea rather it is bound to give your senses a nerve wrecking shock vanishing the pleasure and relaxation felt during the hot bath. Here’s where bathroom carpets come to the rescue. Apart from this one benefit they offer plentitude of other benefits too.

A bathroom interior is a vast field and it adheres to all principles that lead to comfort, elegance and most of all safety. Carpets in bathrooms aren’t a bygone trend though some consider them so.  Consumers have varying tastes and choices and their decisions in setting up this specific interior space showcase their fondness for certain elements while bypassing some others. That’s all a part and parcel of interior decorating. No worries.

Here we have compiled a short list to keep our readers educated in this particular regard so as to make them proficient in making their final decisions. Keep reading below to find out which carpets are best for washrooms?

  • Nylon carpets

 For bathrooms it’s always wise to invest in pieces that are less absorbent and tend to dry quickly. For this purpose, nylon or olefins are the safest bets because both of

These possess quick drying properties.

 Additionally they are blessed with stain and mildew resistance because these two are among the most faced problems in bathrooms.

  • Low pile carpets

 Another worth mentioning option is to look for carpets that have a low pile count. Pile count makes the carpets either fluffier or thinner. On a usual spur fluffy carpets having high pile count are top contenders but here for bathrooms, it is always advised by interior designers to opt for a low pile count because their thinner texture dries out rapidly whereas fluffier content makes them difficult to dry quickly.

It’s not just a drying or wetting issue but this determines the air quality in bathrooms because bacteria and other harmful germs lurk on mild moist dwellings. If carpets remain moist throughout the day, chances are bright that they will inhabit these nasty microorganisms. Thinner pile carpets grim the chance of germs dwelling on carpets thus leaving the air pure and clean.

  • Waterproof carpets

 Markets nowadays are flooded with water proof carpets. Though they may not be so visually pleasing because they don’t have the same texture as regular carpets but their water proof quality makes them an ideal choice for bathrooms. Especially with children and elderly, it’s better to opt for the waterproof ones.

  • Anti skid carpets

 Another point to ponder while purchasing carpets for bathrooms is that they should be anti skid. The wet flooring of bathrooms will become slippery and pose great injury threats.  Anti skid ones will always lessen the chances of tripping or slipping. Already present ones can be madeanti skid too. Another patch of carpet can be placed over the previous one and attached by an adhesive tape or glue.

  • Carpet squares

Among the many options available in markets carpet squares is a brilliant technique to provide coverage at an affordable cost. Whichever area needs coverage can be tended to.

Also there is nothing more pathetic than a flooding bathroom due to leaked installations or drainage menaces. Here carpet squares come to rescue and they are a feasible option because it’s easier to replace the particular problem patch rather than removing the whole carpet.  Easier done and easier on pocket too.

Another highlighter for square carpets is that they smartly camouflage any cosmetic defects or malformed floorings. Since these squares are available in a variety of sizes, they can be chosen as per the requirements.

With these endless options customers are definitely spoilt for choice, but what determines the final choice depends entirely on strategies and preferences that are made in setting up interior spaces. Some of the above mentioned options may be relevant to some while they may be irrelevant to others. So in the end it’s all a matter of personal inclination. Whether luxury is given preference or comfort or practicality.

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