6 Great Reasons To Move to Florida

If you’ve been thinking about relocating to the Sunshine State, there are plenty of good reasons to make the move. Here are just a few of the things that may tip the scales in Florida’s favor when it comes to finding a new place to put down roots.

There’s Housing for Every Lifestyle

Whether you’re looking for Daytona Beach condos for sale or for rural homesteads that feature a good amount of surrounding land, Florida has a wide variety of housing options. Newlyweds who are just beginning to build their families will find starter houses to suit their needs, while empty-nesters can invest in properties that can help them age comfortably at home. Compared to many other booming states, experts say that Florida still has real estate options to fit a variety of housing budgets.

Taxation Is Minimal

Florida is one of only a small number of U.S. states without an income tax beyond the federal one. Additionally, it does not impose an estate or death tax, which adds to its attractive reputation amongst retirees. There are also business-friendly tax breaks for companies that operate in Florida, and homeowners enjoy a partial exemption on property taxes. Although there is a sales tax in Florida, it isn’t levied on items like food and medical supplies.

The Cost of Living Is Comparatively Low

Although having a big-city lifestyle may still come at a price, Salary.com places the cost of living in most Florida areas below the national average. This is notable given that its population rivals that of the state of New York, which has an overall cost-of-living index nearly double Florida’s. While the lower rate of taxation is a factor, housing and transportation costs in Florida are significantly below those in New York and many other densely populated states.

The Weather Is (Practically) Perfect

Although the summers can get muggy, newcomers typically relish the 200-plus days of sunshine Florida averages each year. If you’re moving from an area where you’ve become accustomed to bundling on multiple layers of woolens during snowstorms, you’ll probably love the fact that winters in the south of Florida will require you to don little more than a light sweater. Although the climate can vary depending on which part of the state you settle in, Florida weather is frequently warm and sunny.

The Culture Is Diverse

Because it attracts so many snowbirds and transplants from other states and countries, Florida is a notable melting pot when it comes to cultural diversity. Because of this, many residents proudly proclaim that the state’s art and culinary scenes are more vibrant and varied than in other areas of the U.S. The influence of Greek, Spanish, Cuban, and Native American settlers in the state has contributed to a collage of unique cultural experiences that can be enjoyed in many of Florida’s dining and entertainment venues.

Sports Teams Abound

At both the college and professional levels, the state is home to popular teams in all of the major national sports. Florida has not one, not two, but three professional football teams, and two teams each in professional baseball, basketball, and hockey. Several major speedways dot the state if auto racing is more your speed, and even the centuries-old sport of Jai-Alai is a favorite in Florida.

With its affordable housing options, low taxes and cost of living, plus terrific weather, Florida is a solid option to place near the top of your list when it comes to deciding where to relocate. Factor in its cultural diversity and broad sports offerings, and you just might have found the ideal state to call your new home.

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