Benefits of Drapery Curtains

Advantages of Custom Drapery for Your Home

The terms curtains and draperies are used interchangeably most of the time. Curtains and drapes have some distinction among them. Curtains are easier to make and have just a single layer of cloth while drapes are made in thicker, stiffer, and expensive fabrics that are custom-made to fit window sills perfectly. They are more formal and often luxurious than curtains.

Below, we will see the benefits draperies offer us. To experience these benefits you have to install them as window treatments.

1. Draperies have environmental benefits.

 There are many environmental benefits to draperies. Since the main difference between a curtain and drapery is the lining, it makes sense that this piece of cloth makes the most difference. Draperies help in protecting against UV radiations and also help in creating the blackout effect for sleeping especially in noisy areas of the city. Because of so much fabric, homes remain insulated which means that heat loss is minimum in the winter season while in the summer season, the extensive fabric doesn’t let heat enter from outside creating an energy-efficient home.

2. Draperies have an aesthetic appeal to them.

 Drapes aren’t just practical in terms of usage but they look far nicer than regular curtains. The extra fabric contributes to more weight and body which exudes elegance and sophistication. The lining protects your expensive fabric from fading away and decaying and for savvy homeowners, they can show off expensive fabric on the outside while the lining inside can be of any fabric.

3. Drapes are excellent sound proofers. 

Who loves to hear cars honk daily? Or the clutter of a noisy service lane? Drapes are sound proofers and this benefit is usually never considered but people living in noisy neighborhoods can well understand the importance of noise proofing. The additional level of lining helps in canceling external sounds promoting good feel vibes for homeowners.

4. Draperies are versatile.

Draperies have an astounding ability to pull the elements of a room together.  Whether you choose for a particular room or intend to have them as the ultimate window solution, they will coordinate the prevalent décor and create a coherent look throughout your home.

5. Draperies alleviate the ambiance. 

Many people think that drapes are used to simply tick the vanity dialog box, but they serve the main purpose of alleviating the mood of your home in far more subtle ways. When you have a home that is beautiful and comfortable, you can imagine the positive vibes it will render to your mood.

6. Draperies fit well. 

It’s easier to go to a department store and purchase generic curtains in an assortment of colors and textures but they can never be as good a drape that is specifically designed to treat your windows. They complement your personality, your style, and your home and elevate your overall look.

7. Draperies are durable.

Draperies are custom made which means that you have the freedom to choose a superior quality fabric, which will last you twice or thrice longer than readymade ones.

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