Best Ways to Have Metallic Looks for Your Home

When you hear the word metallic what immediately comes into your mind is sturdy long-lasting material. Metallic has been overlooked when it comes to home décor due to its association with the word metal, but now, innovative interior designers have brought a new meaning to the word metallic. 

The new ways and tips to add shine and glamour to the rooms of your home is by taking advantage of metallic decoration.

Add a bold metallic centerpiece to your living room and dining room

Using metallic to decorate your home is not only limited to light fixtures or frames for your art and family photos. Consider adding a bronze dresser to your bedroom for modern touch, a coffee table with a brassy finish for an added flair of sophistication to your living room, or shiny silver dining table to bring a sleek modern look to your dining room. 

Don’t be afraid of adding metallic with dark paint

Don’t Be Afraid of Dark Paint. Enhance the glitz and glamour of your home by decorating your dark colored rooms with silver, gold, and copper. For a classic feel, add a rustic gold floor lamp or vintage mirror with faded copper to a black or dark blue colored room. Remodel your home’s bathroom by adding a touch of shabby chic through installing a gold anti-oxidation faucet to your sink or your shower. Then pair that with dark wallpaper, or a dark shower curtain to complement each other.

Think outside of the box

Traditionally, it was a big taboo when it came to mixing metals. Nowadays, interior designers stopped following the old rules and they instead encourage everyone to think outside the box. Create depth and elegance in your home’s kitchen by adding warm metals such as brass, gold, and copper kitchenware alongside cool metal such as silver to accentuate the colors and create dimension to your home.

Bring a futuristic feel to your bedroom

Don’t forget to be creative when it comes to decorating your bedroom. Adding metallic materials to your bedroom doesn’t mean that it’s only being decorated through picture frames, lamps, and mirrors. Turn your home’s bedroom into a room that exudes the essence of luxury by adding a gorgeous metallic wallpaper with a quiet print. Add some bling to your comfort room by replacing a classic wooden bedframe with a shiny copper frame that ties elegantly with a bedside table that includes copper handles.

Incorporate metallic materials in the little things

When it comes to decorating with metallic materials, it doesn’t always have to be a big piece of furniture or your classic picture frame. Add some chicness by changing your glass vase to metallic gold vase or a matte silver vase to create a vintage look or change your glass fruit bowl to a classy copper colored bowl. Make the rooms in your home more exciting by adding a touch of sheen gold to your light fixtures and doorknobs. Place some metallic candle holders on top of your home’s fireplace mantel to bring warmth and coziness to the living room. 

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