Choosing the Right Window Film for Privacy and Security

Window films come in various features. It is essential to consider your main priority or what you want the most out of your window film Fullerton, CA.

Window tinting in Fullerton, CA, is not only for aesthetic purposes but also for privacy and security. Everyone wants to feel secure, and improving security is crucial in achieving a more comfortable and peaceful environment for you and your companions.

If you want to be safe and protected, take a look at some of these types of window films before you make your decision.

Privacy Window Films

Privacy window films are one-way films, meaning you can look through one side of the glass but not the other. This type of film is also used in both homes and offices. Because this is a one-way film, you can rest assured that you and your companions are protected and safe from people trying to intrude.

Solar Window Films

Also known as Sun Control Window Films, this type of film is designed to block the sun’s UV rays. You can choose a darker shade of film to make it impossible for anyone to peer in from the outside, thus increasing privacy and efficiently reducing the negative effects of direct sunlight. For optimum privacy, opt for a 15% visible light transmission.

Decorative Window Films

If you like having decorations on things, these films allow you to choose from many patterns and designs. It has some level of opacity for privacy and security. Frosted film is a common type of decorative film commonly placed to bathroom shower doors to keep the bather out of sight while allowing natural light to come in.

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