Guide to having an aesthetically pleasing & functional bathroom design

8 Small and Functional Bathroom Design Ideas for your Private Heaven | Plan  n Design

There are different rooms in any home of which the bathroom is one of them and an important one. You cannot ignore this room when renovating your home. You may carry out complete or partial renovations based on your budget and requirements. Hiring the experienced Bathroom renovations Vallejo Ca agency will ensure your project goes on smoothly.

Step-by-step bathroom renovation guide

  • Design: You need to first come up with a viable plan that suits your interests, budget, family needs and available space. You need to make the most of the space without making it overcrowded or feel empty. The Bathroom renovations Vallejo Caprofessionals will provide you with several computer-generated plans to select from. This will based n your needs and room’s dimensions. If you prefer having the existing layout, then measure carefully your bathroom suite before availing replacements.
  • Re-wiring & Re-plumbing: Working with existing service points will help save some money. But changing bathroom suite position will incur costs.
  • Placement: Identify where to place the washbasin, loo, shower or bath.
  • After planning fittings, find out how remaining space is to be used wisely. Modern bathrooms may come with limited space. The Bathroom renovations Vallejo Caagency may suggest installing some type of storage like shelves or cupboards or even both. It is essential to keep cleaning products, toiletries, children’s bath toys, toilet rolls, etc. Spacious bathrooms may accommodate linen basket and racks to keep towels.
  • Taps: They are available in a wide range of styles. Select a design to complement perfectly your bathroom. Consulting a plumber can help identify potential snags that the design might have and to rectify them.
  • Windows: If your bathroom window comes fitted with frosted glass, then ensure having a blind having ‘blackout’ lining or curtain. This will promote greater privacy.
  • Decoration: When decoration is concerned, do use water & steam-resistant grout. Select wallpaper and paint that has the ability to withstand steam and heat. Search for ever-expanding ‘bathroom & kitchen’ ranges available in plenty these days.
  • Paint: A small bathroom can be brightened up by using pale colors. This is more suitable for bathrooms that do not get any natural daylight. You can freely experiment with colors. A large mirror can be placed across the wall, like the wall that is just opposite to the window. This way, even a small bathroom will feel and appear brighter.

The certified Bathroom renovations Vallejo Caprofessionals can provide you with more interesting ideas and proper guidance.

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