Common Issues To Look For When Buying A Home

Buying a home is a tough job and that goes without saying. Apart from looking at the interior & exterior of the house, the area, facilities, etc plays a vital role in your property buying decision. In selecting a home, inspection plays a big role. You must get a home inspection before finalizing buying a house.

There are a few things you need to check while buying a home as these are common issues faced by a home inspector in Texas.

Poor grading/slope and drainage around home

Symptoms: Light soil around the establishment, indications of spilling in basement.

This could cause damp or wet crawl spaces, foundation movement, cracking or settlement. Water around the establishment could prompt decay in the dividers, outlining individuals and form. Some indications of foundation movement are unaligned windows; interior doors that have massive, uneven gaps at the top when the door is closed; or floors visibly out of level.

Broken drains or gutters

Symptoms: Obstructed or twisted gutters/eavestroughs, water depleting close to establishment, not directed away from house.

Storm cellar sogginess

Symptoms: water stains, fine buildup on dividers, mold.


  • Inadequate drain tile and sump pit
  • Inappropriately planned window wells
  • Defective or missing drains and downspouts

Rooftop issues

Symptoms: fragile or twisted shingles; broken or missing flashings, water stains in the upper room or roof drywall

Rooftop breaks can be fixed, however by and large, the rooftop is presumably mature enough to require complete substitution.

Establishment imperfections

Symptoms: cracks in establishment, inclining floors, sticking doors or windows.

Helpless upkeep

Symptoms: needs repainting, worn carpeting, broken carport, warn wood flooring, dry spoiled outside caulking

Flawed pipes

Symptoms: lacking water pressure, slow drains, indications of leaks on ceilings.

Poor ventilation

Symptoms: extraordinary heat in the attic, fume buildup.

Flawed heating or cooling

Symptoms: cracks in the heat exchanger or water tank; carbon monoxide releases, boisterous engines that sound like they battle to begin, A/C continually running and additionally cooling ineffectively

Flawed wiring

Symptoms: Open intersection boxes, amperage jumbles, no wire nuts on wires, stumbling breakers.

Some Other Issues

Circuit Breakers

Breakers can trip when they become old. Infrequent stumbling can show basic over-burdens. On the off chance that an electrical switch trips as often as possible, you ought to counsel an electrical technician.

Glinting lights

On the off chance that supplanting the bulb doesn’t tackle the issue, counsel an authorized circuit repairman. The shortcoming might be in the light installation or free associations inside your homes wiring.

Low Voltage in an outlet

Could indicate a loose connection within the junction box, or back at the receptacle the power is being daisy tied from.

Can this be fixed with a home inspection in Texas?

YES! Texas certified home inspection services include a total assessment of the establishment and storm cellar, rooftop, upper room, warming and water frameworks, electrical and plumbing frameworks, just as the overall state of the actual construction.

Texas certified home inspection services providers will search for poor construction practices and make note of any fixes that may be required or any broad upkeep issues.

Significantly, they will make note of any fire and security issues that should be tended to.

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