Common Mistakes People Make When Moving With Pets

16 common mistakes people make when moving with pets – and how to avoid  them | Pocock & Shaw Estate Agents

Moving can be stressful for humans-just imagine what it’s like for your pets! Dogs, cats, and other pets don’t understand what’s happening or why their environment is suddenly different. The hustle and bustle of moving day is tough; many animals have been injured when movers are loading up furniture or lost by escaping through an open door.

Do yourself and your pet- a huge favor and be prepared for moving day. Be aware of these common mistakes people make when moving with pets, and vow to do it right. Be sure to use a professional moving company in Bradenton to help make the day much easier for your whole family.

They Forget to Call The Vet

The first thing you need to do to prepare to move with your companion is visiting the vet. Schedule any overdue examinations or shots well in advance, and ask for copies of your pet’s health records.

Find out ahead of time if your new state or country has any special requirements and address them with your doctor. Some areas require specific shots or blood titer tests to prove the absence of disease, taking weeks to get done.

A professional moving company can certainly make your life easier when moving, especially if you have a furry friend to consider.

Don’t Keep Pets Contained on Moving Day

Oh no! It’s moving day, and the house is full of people from a professional moving company, boxes and a whole lot of chaos. Pets must stay in a contained area to keep them safe and happier. The front door may be open all day, and you don’t want them running away in the confusion.

Additionally, the extra noise and flurry of activity will not go unnoticed by your pets. Try to keep them in a room that is moved last, so they are surrounded by familiarity until the end.

Even if you are making a short move across the neighborhood in Bradenton, it’s wise to call a professional moving company to adequately protect and move your things, especially heavy furniture. You will be glad you did!

Not Making a Pet Bag

When packing up the household, don’t forget to make a special overnight bag for your pets. It should contain food, treats, toys, a leash, waste disposal (kitty litter or doggie bags) and your animal’s food and water bowls.

It would be a shame if these essential items got packed up by your professional moving company and you had to search through various boxes to discover them! Additionally, keep a comfort item or two for your pet. A special blanket or toy can help with the stress of changing households.

Of course, if you are moving long-distance, be sure to have plenty of items to tide you over until your destination. If you are overwhelmed with the logistics of a move in Bradenton or elsewhere, be sure to call a professional moving company to help things all make sense.

They Don’t Plan Ahead of Time

Like most elements of a move, the success will lie in the planning. Just like you have a calendar of to-dos for moving homes, make a calendar for your pets. Include the vet visit mentioned above about two months out, then figure in any necessary items for your unique move.

If you travel by plane to your destination, pencil in when you need to buy tickets and pay a pet fee. If you’re driving, consider if you need to buy a new kennel or car accessories such as a pet seat belt tether.

It’s ok to ask for help at this challenging time. A professional moving company will help coordinate details and -literally-to the heavy lifting so you can focus on the safety of your pet.

Remember, whether you’re moving across the neighborhood in Bradenton or across the country, it helps to use a professional moving company when changing homes. Then you will have the freedom to plan for the safety and comfort of your favorite animals thoroughly.

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