Suggestions for a Home-Wedding Spruce Up

Wedding planning requires a number of decisions that can have consequences on how the big day unfolds. The most important decision may be where you, the host, will hold the event. If you own a large home, you may find holding the ceremony on-sight to be a practical option if you can get municipal permission. However, to do so you need to pull out all the stops to make your house presentable. Use these tips to say, “I do” to preparing your house for a wedding and reception.

Create Warmth Inside and Out

Your house should look warm and inviting for any event; a wedding is no exception. Make sure your lighting is up to the task. If necessary, purchase extra floor lamps for shadow-filled dark corners. Install tasteful string lights appropriately, especially in the yard if the party will spill over there. Color-coordinate pillows and throws with cloths you will be using to cover rented tables.

Clean up Interiors

Guests will notice either gleaming interiors or dirty rooms, whichever are more prominent. If the ceremony and afterparty will begin in daylight, make cleaning all windows a top priority. While you are at it, have your carpets, rugs and drapes steam-cleaned. Marble, granite or other stone floors that look worn or dirty should be cleaned and polished by floor cleaning Manhattan NY so they shine.

Prioritize Safety

You are used to your home’s layout and obstacles. You want to ensure your guests can move about safely in an unfamiliar environment by taking these steps: Clear any debris from the edges of walkways; light pathways uniformly; block of uneven concrete surfaces; and move decorative pieces, such as landscaping rocks, that can pose tripping hazards.

Shore up Outdoor Spaces

Since you may need to extend your gathering to your yard, bring in landscapers for a complete makeover. Your lawn should have no bare spots, and your foliage should look clean and manicured.

Create Appropriate Amenities

Ask yourself if your home has enough bathrooms to support the number of guests who will attend the wedding. If so, stock them with enough appropriate luxurious amenities to last the duration of the event. However, you will most likely need to rent extra toilets, especially for outdoor wedding arrangements. Go with luxury portable toilets — definitely skip the run-of-the-mill units.

Because so much goes into planning a wedding, you may worry that some elements can get lost in the shuffle. If you want to hold a home wedding, do not overlook the need to get your house in shape for the day. By planning every home-preparation detail well in advance, you can be certain your abode will shine like the smiles of the bride and groom.

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