Common Plumbing Problems Found In Older Homes

Old houses look attractive and they are appealing for the space they incorporate and they do not have any kind of cookie-cutter look that most of the modern homes effuse. The older homes seem to have more character in them. although with character comes a special set of problems that most of the modern home owners do not face. Before start here, let us tell you that plumbing in older homes can be a mixed bag. Depending upon how the previous home owners have dealt with the problems and the steps they took, the new home owner should make the upgrades. Besides everything else, the plumbing system needs a check for sure.

Some of the common plumbing problems we came across in older homes are:

  1. Old Pipe Material

This is the most common problem owners of older homes face. The pipe that were installed in the 1970s still work and the homeowners do not even pay attention to get these changed. The pipes have changed and evolved drastically over decades. From the galvanized pipes to rust free pipes and now we use PVC pipes that are long-lasting and durable. If you think that your home needs a new set of pipes, get that done without delay.

  • Repairs made by previous home owners

Many home owners feel that they can do the repairs on their own because it is going to save a lot of money. Also, there is pride to put one’s blood, sweat and tears into a home repair project. There is no problem with doing things yourself, but the problems occurs when things are done in the bad way. They improperly install fixtures and pipes, and also use the wrong materials, take shortcuts to get the job done faster. If you are facing any trouble plumbing, you should call an expert.

  • Sewer Line

This is the line that runs from the house to the municipal sewer line belonging to the homeowner and it is the responsibility of the home owner to maintain. Over time, these sewer lines can become damaged for a variety of reasons. Tree roots are always a concern when it comes to breaking the sewer lines. In such cases, plastic pipes are more durable, although they can also be damaged in the long run. Talk to a plumber and know what’s wrong.

Not all the old houses have same plumbing problems. If you are considering buying an older home, you should talk to a licensed plumber. At least the leak detection in South Surrey should be done so that things are under control.

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