Why the need to waterproof your bathroom?

Four Reasons to Waterproof Your Bathroom | DBS Bathrooms

It is important to renovate and remodel the different rooms of your home. One place that is often ignored during residential renovation process is the bathroom. It is essential to waterproof your bathroom walls to provide it with adequate protection. A times, new or old bathroom might require some protection from water-based damages. The bathroom is filled with moisture most of the time. There are bath tubs, toilets, sinks and showers that bring water. Not protecting your bathroom will only result in expensive water damage. Moreover, you family members may be at risk of contracting illness. You should contact one of the top Bathrooms Colchester providers in the region to derive a viable solution.

Eliminating moisture

Moisture arising from your showers and collects on the bathroom ceilings and walls. Moisture is not absorbed fully even if you install a fan here. The only easy way to ensure adequate protection is to paint the bathroom ceiling and walls using branded waterproof paints. You may also consider adding a sealant. There are several brand and color options to choose from. The best Bathrooms Colchester professional will guide you to make the right selection.

Waterproofing the bathroom

The sealant when used will help repel water from entering and dampening the walls. It also helps tackle clogged toilet spills, leaking and flooding. In case, your bathroom is constructed on the 2nd floor, then it becomes important to protect the floor. Installing waterproof flooring can help achieve the objective.

Initially, you may not be able to identify water damage easily. However, if neglected over time, it will result in expensive repairs. You need to replace the studs as well as the framing surrounding the bathroom including the dry wall and insulation. There is also the risk of mildew and mold development. Its unhindered growth is likely to cause your family members to fall sick. Mold needs to be extracted professionally and hence, involves expenses. If your bathroom framing experiences water damage and mold forms, then you are likely to spend thousands of dollars only in repairs. However, with regular maintenance and following tips offered by the expert Bathrooms Colchester providers, you can prevent expensive repairs.  You just need to consider using sealants, waterproof paints and flooring for your bathroom.

The Bathrooms Colchester professionals can help you identify the best available solutions for your home. With their expertise, you can protect your bathroom and home, thereby avoiding costly repairs.

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