Consider the budget before your kitchen renovation:

By examining each element of your kitchen and each material, you will be able to think about your expectations. Choosing a high-end material for tiling will immediately increase the bill. However, do not fall into the trap of low prices, as you will often lose quality. The ideal is therefore to work out your budget with mid-range materials and equipment in theĀ kitchen renovation Wollongong.

Here are the criteria to consider when establishing a budget for your kitchen renovation Wollongong work:

– Complexity of the work: If the whole thing is dilapidated, you will probably need to review the plumbing and electricity and this can lead to additional costs as well as more complex and longer work. Similarly, if a partition or even a load-bearing wall must be knocked down.

– Replacement of household appliances: Again, the price can increase considerably if your household appliances need to be changed compared to a kitchen renovation Wollongong where the equipment is in good condition and recovered. If you opt for high-end, energy-efficient equipment, you will make it again over time in terms of consumption but at the time, the price will be higher.

– Choice of kitchen units and work plan: It is necessary to differentiate the kitchen purchased ready-made and just to be installed with standard dimensions of the kitchen which will be made to measure with a work plan adapted to your desires. In this second case, you will have to see a kitchen designer and the cost will be much higher.

– A word of advice: Always overestimate your works budget by around 15% for contingencies. It is better to plan wider than too tight.

– If you have the kitchen renovation Wollongong work done by craftsmen recruited by you, you will have to ask each of them for their quote for the work to be provided. 

A major renovation will include the plumber, electrician, tiler, painter, furniture fitter, etc. All labor can represent a budget of up to 35% of the total cost of the invoice. As for the architect and the design office, they are required for major work and you will therefore have to provide for their fees in your budget.

When talking about a complete kitchen renovation Wollongong, you have to be very rigorous in the planning. Some work must follow a certain chronology and it will sometimes be necessary for certain craftsmen to wait until a type of work is finished before intervening in turn. 

This is also why monitoring compliance with deadlines is essential at each stage so that you do not find yourself accumulating delays at the end of the project.

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