Creating Community In College

Starting college can be a tumultuous time for young adults. Whether going to school far away or staying close to home, it often forces students to branch out socially, find new friends, and discover new ways to feel like part of a group outside of their class work. This is why in college building community can be so important to keep students encouraged, motivated, and successful. There are plenty of ways to find a niche on large and small campuses if they just know what to look for. A few simple ways include getting involved on campus, starting a group chat for class, or keeping up with a study group each semester.

Get Involved

One of the best ways to feel like part of a community in college is to get involved on campus. It’s helpful for students to create a list of clubs they’re interested in and attend a few meetings of each to see if they’re a good fit. Most schools have some type of day to help students connect with clubs and organizations on campus, such as an expo or exhibition event. Another way that might take less time and decision is to simply attend a campus event. This could be a sports game, a charity fundraiser, a holiday party, or a lecture series. Students should make a point to be active on campus, because that can help them find their tribe.

Start a Chat

Group chats can be particularly helpful in complex classes that require extra discussion post-lecture. Students can easily make group chats on a variety of platforms by utilizing the class email list usually posted online through their school’s software. It’s easy to invite everyone to the chat and whoever wants to join can participate in discussions, ask questions, or help organize study sessions for big exams. It’s a great way to interact with classmates and create a community with people in the same situation.

Make a Group

Finally, study groups are invaluable tools in college. Creating a team of three or four peers to meet once a week or before big tests can significantly help students learn and retain the information from class. It also adds a level of accountability to their school work that they might be missing from high school. Some professors might assign small groups for bulky class projects, but students can always organize this on their own as well.

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