Tips to Protect Your Home From Mold

Addressing mold can be a really involved and somewhat costly process. Taking a few precautionary steps to prevent mold from forming can save you a lot of money while also protecting your health. Here are some simple but effective ways to reduce the chances that mold will damage your home.

Resolve Slow Leaks Right Away

Mold can form in any quantity of water in as little as 24 hours. As soon as you notice any type of leak in your home, you shouldn’t delay in getting help. Don’t rely on a pot or bucket to collect water while a leak goes unresolved. A leak may be indicative of a failing pipe or valve, and there’s simply no telling when a drip may become a deluge.

Use Care When Operating Your Washer

Washer overflows are a common cause of flooding inside of homes. Load imbalances can cause a misalignment of the sensor that tells your washer when to stop filling with water. When this happens, the water just keeps on running. Avoid load imbalances and overflows by putting in moderate amounts of clothing rather than trying to fit in as much as you can.

Replace Outdated Windows

Old and failing windows can lead to water intrusion and cause mold to form in your home’s drywall. If you need help from a window contractor Camden County NJ, reach out to a professional installer that can offer you a competitive estimate.

Clean Your HVAC System on a Regular Basis

A neglected HVAC system will accumulate a lot of dust and debris on its evaporator coils. As a result, they may produce a lot of condensation or even create a small flood. Moreover, your air handler could be circulating mold throughout your entire home. Get a service company to clean your air handler’s evaporator coils on an annual basis. In addition to improving your home’s air quality, you’ll enable your system to run more efficiently.

Put a Dehumidifier in Damp Spaces

You may have noticed that areas in your home which lack a lot of ventilation feel kind of dank or smell musty. Mildew is a precursor to mold, so make it a point to remove some of the moisture from the air in these areas by using a dehumidifier.

Keep in mind that a lot of homeowners insurance policies exclude damage from mold. A proactive effort to prevent mold formation will help you safeguard your home and avoid considerable remediation costs. 

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