Dangers of Hiring Unlicensed Tree Service Providers

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If you ever need medical help, you will definitely seek a certified doctor, and if your roof needs fixing or your house needs plumbing work, you always choose a licensed professional, why? The answer is simple; you know that a certified worker can do the job safely and correctly. You can relax, as your problem is now in safe hands.

And the same goes with a tree service provider; you don’t want your trees to be in unsafe hands. Although hiring an unlicensed or uninsured tree service provider can cost you less, it comes with a lot of risks.

The job of a tree care provider involves lots of risky tasks; even a trained professional injures themselves, damages a nearby property or the tree itself. It requires a great level of experience and expertise, plus the right tools to provide a high-quality tree care service.

So, what are the dangers of hiring an unlicensed tree service provider? Let’s find out:

You Become an Employer

Did you know hiring an unlicensed worker for a home project like tree pruning/removal will make you an “employer” or “general contractor”? If any severe injuries occur on your property, you might be responsible for providing worker’s compensation for medical bills or lost wages for the time of injuries.

So, think wisely if you want to be an employer and take the risk or just pay for the service and watch it be done safely.

Risk Factor

There is always the risk of power line or property damage due to falling trees and branches. A licensed tree service provider will have a well-trained and experienced team who has been through various challenging situations and is familiar with handling them. It will drastically reduce the risk of any of this, while dealing with your trees.

An unlicensed tree service provider can never guarantee your safety, and you might be responsible for all the damage that occurred during the tree care work.


You might save a few dollars by hiring an unlicensed tree service provider. However, the level of safety and quality of work, can’t be compared to a highly skilled professional from a licensed service provider.

Unlike licensed tree service providers, an unlicensed tree service provider doesn’t have a license and insurance to cover the damage during their service. As employees need to climb giant trees, deal with power lines and use sharp tools, there should always be a backup or insurance to cover the cost of damage, if it occurs.

If any damage occurs during your tree service, you will need to bear the cost for repairs and maintenance, but with a licensed tree service provider, you don’t have to worry about anything at all.

If you decide to hire a tree care service, make sure you ask a few questions like, do you have a license? Insurance to cover potential damage or accident? Professional tools and equipment? You are paying for their service so, don’t hesitate to ask or you might regret it later. This will ensure that your trees and property are in safe hands.

If you are looking for a tree care service provider in Melbourne, you can contact certified and licensed tree service provider, Same Day Tree Works. They will take care of all your tree services like pruning, trimming, and removals, with their experienced and certified arborist team. They do have insurance for any unlikely accidents or damage, making them the best and safest tree service provider.

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